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Nostalgic Candy

There’s something magical about candy. The colorful wrappers, the intoxicating smells and, of course, the burst of heavenly flavors can instantly transport you to your childhood, when things seemed simpler and the world was full of wonder. Take a sweet trip down memory lane with us as we highlight a few of the America’s most beloved classic treats.

Squirrel Nut Zippers

These super-chewy, vanilla-flavored candies with peanuts have been allowance killers since 1926, but what’s with the name? Well, the story involves a famous local concoction called the Nut Zipper, whose intoxicating content cause a man to take up residence in a tree one night. Once the police had talked him down, he blamed it all on the Nut Zipper. When the confection’s creator saw a newspaper about the incident, he knew he had the perfect name for his candy.

Goetze’s Caramel Creams Caramel Creams

Goetze’s started in 1895 as a bubble gum company, but once they introduced Caramel Creams in 1918, they knew they’d struck sweet gold. Goetze’s Caramel Creams boast a pure sugar cream center that’s enrobed in a soft, gooey caramel jacket — just like you remember!

Chick-o-Sticks Chick-O-Stick

Originally called Chicken Bones, Atkinson Candy thankfully renamed these delectable treats Chick-o-Sticks in 1955. What makes them so special? Three things — a layer toasted coconut on the outside, a slathering of peanut butter and a crispy honeycomb stick.

Sky Bar

Skybar’s destiny as one of America’s favorite candies was written in the clouds — literally. The Necco company introduced this nostalgic treat back in 1938 with an appropriately dramatic skywriting campaign, ushering in the first chocolate bar with four separate flavors: fudge, caramel, vanilla and peanut butter.

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