Aids to Daily Living

Here at Miles Kimball, we’re dedicated to bringing you the daily living aids you need to stay able and independent. We’ve listened to our elderly and disabled customers and curated a collection of products that will help you take care of day-to-day necessities and enrich your life. That includes everything from medical devices and reach extenders to carrying carts and pill organizers.

Pill organizers make it easy to ensure you take your medication on the day and time it’s intended to be taken. You’ll find them here in all sorts of varieties, from clutch-style carriers with 14 days of storage to trays with color-coded compartments for each day of the week.

Dressing aids give you a helping hand for getting yourself ready in the morning. You’ll find products here like extra-long shoehorns that don’t require bending over, button hook zipper pulls with comfort grip handles and elastic shoe laces that turn ordinary shoes into slip-ons.

To help you get around with ease, we carry a variety of mobility aids, as well. Need to lug around groceries? Try out one of our wheeled personal shopping carts. Want a little help getting in and out of bed? Our bed safety rail will help you do just that.

When it comes to hygiene products, we have you covered. Our selection includes antimicrobial sponges with super-long handles for those hard-to-reach spots, soft, flexible eye drop guides for guiding eye drops without wasting them and denture reliner kits to firm up those irritating loose dentures.

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