Artificial Flowers

Lush Gardens All Year Long

Enliven any room in your home with a fresh bouquet of artificial flowers that never fade or wilt from Miles Kimball. We carry a wide range of stunning sprigs, flowers, and greenery from individual pieces to complete plants and arrangements that look so real it will be hard for anyone to tell the difference. Choose from our extensive collection oImpatiens Busy by OakRidge™f wreaths, hanging baskets and exclusive floral arrangements including the Impatiens Busy by OakRidge™ to add a vibrant splash of color to every space. Whether it’s a particular color, a favorite flower, or a long-lasting aroma you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of hassle-free options for indoor and outdoor use at Miles Kimball.

Check out the exclusive Resurrection Plant™ available at Miles Kimball that remains dormant until you add water and it grows into a lush fern in a matter of hours – it’s theAir Fern ultimate symbol of hope and rebirth. You can also try the Mysterious Air Fern® harvested from the bottom of the English Channel and requires no watering as the natural-occurring moisture in the air is enough to keep it lush and full. These and many other low-maintenance, artificial flowers and plants make it easy to create lush garden landscapes anywhere throughout your home or patio.

No matter what the temperature, artificial flowers from Miles Kimball offer you a cost-effective way to achieve the perfect landscape any time throughout the year. Creating a tropical theme in the middle of winter is no problem with the vast array of beautiful flowers available at Miles Kimball. Plus, all of the varieties available are so lifelike only those with allergies will know the difference as they won’t tickle their noses with an allergic reaction.

There’s something for every room and personal preference at Miles Kimball, and with so many budget-friendly options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect arrangement without breaking the bank.

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