Microwave Cookware

Save Time Producing Gourmet Culinary Creations

With the extensive selection of time-saving microwave cookware on offer at Miles Kimball, you’ll wonder how you prepared meals in any other way. Forget about the stove-top and make the most of your busy schedule with the extensive range of smart cooking solutions available at Miles Kimball that help you save time when you’re producing gourmet creations.  We have the equipment to get your kitchen ready to become the place where all your favorite recipes quickly come to life!

Microwave Egg BoilerMake the most of your busy day and simplify meal prep with our variety of microwave cooking accessories that put the ability to satisfy every craving at your fingertips. Our incredible array of microwave products such as microwave egg boilers, bacon trays, crisper pans and so much more make shopping for kitchen essentials a breeze.

Find numerous microwave tools to create everything from culinary masterpieces to Microwave popcorn Popper 2.jpgtasty movie night popcorn treats including a microwave popcorn popper at Miles Kimball. The prices save you money, and the ingenuity saves you time. Whether you’re cooking for one or planning meals that’ll make every family member smile, Miles Kimball has you covered with cookware and microwave-safe storage options that won’t break the bank.

Check out our entire selection of unique kitchen gadgets like the microwave corn steamer, narrow results using convenient search categories such as price or sort products by best sellers or newest items with the help of the handy drop-down menu located on every page. Whatever way you prefer to shop, you’ll find the microwave cookware you need to tickle the taste buds of all your guests at Miles Kimball.

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