Kitchen & Home Storage Solutions

Innovative Solutions to Save Space and Time

It’s always the perfect time to get organized with innovative kitchen and home storage solutions from Miles Kimball. Our selection of bins, cases, shelving, and totes make it easy to find the incredible organization and storage options that help you save time and free up valuable space.  With such a wide range of budget-friendly solutions to choose from, there’s no better time to organize kitchen essentials, craft supplies, shoes, DVDs, and more.

When you’re looking to make the most of limited room in a small area, shop Miles Multi-Pocket Storage ToteKimball for affordable storage solutions that help you make the most of floor space. We have corner book stands that put every nook and cranny to work organizing your belongings. Check out the multi-pocket storage totes perfect for conquering a junk drawer in the kitchen or opt for an over-the-door storage solution to remove trip hazards from narrow hallways and entryways.

From rolling storage bins just right for conveniently keeping large flour bags off the floor 4-Tier Metal Basket Towerin your kitchen pantry to stylish 4-tier metal basket towers to house a multitude of objects throughout your home, we carry everything you need to reclaim much-needed space and create a well-organized environment.  Make Miles Kimball your first choice for intelligent storage and organization solutions such as innovative shelving systems that help put an end to clutter.

From plastic storage containers to keep food and beverages fresh to a flip-top storage ottoman that adds warmth to any décor, we’ve got you covered with plenty of choices at Miles Kimball.

Have Fun with Personalized Kids School Supplies

Watch your little student’s face light up when they receive the personalized kids’ school Six Color Click Pensupplies you ordered just for them from Miles Kimball. You’ll find something for every grade and preference in the extensive collection of customizable school supplies available at your fingertips all at budget-friendly prices that go easy on your wallet.  Whether the student on your shopping list is a young learner into sports or an older child looking for a six-color click pen, we’ve got you covered with that and so much more at Miles Kimball.

Check out our personalized school days book that offers the perfect way to Personalized Wooden Crayon Caddy.jpgcommemorate every unforgettable moment right from the first day of school to the 12th grade. Or opt for a personalized crayon caddy just right for home learning environments to include younger children not quite ready for class in the school supply fun. Give your little ones a head start with our fantastic selection of pencils, cases, backpacks, and more.

Perhaps the children on your list are just learning to write and require a giant pencil that’s easier to hold, or you are looking for something to inspire an avid sports fan with school supplies in a football, soccer, or multi-sport motif showcasing their name, we have that too at Miles Kimball. No matter what your child loves or how old they are, you’ll find all the school essentials required for successful year-long learning.

Personalized Butterflies Pencil CaseWe carry an extensive array of themes and designs including personalized butterfly pencils and cases and hexagon and round pencils with the option to personalize to help keep track of your child’s supplies. From whimsical erasers to delightful pom-pom pens, you’ll find plenty of ideas to get kids excited about the school year at Miles Kimball.