Comfy Loungewear & Sleepwear for Lazy Days

Comfy Loungewear and Lazy Day Sleepwear

When you’re planning to spend the day at home, you go about picking your outfit a little differently. Comfort takes on a bigger priority, but looking good is still nice, too — even if your roommate is the only one who will see you. Comfortable loungewear, sleepwear and lazy day clothes are something every adult should have in their chest, dresser or closet. It’s the perfect attire to wear when studying for midterms in your dorm room, playing videogames on the couch or unwinding after a tough day at the office.

Comfortable loungewear for adults has evolved over the years, and many styles have now become suitable as outdoor clothing too. The right lazy day clothes can now be an acceptable choice for walking the dog, running a few errands or even going to casual nightclubs. That means setting aside the stained T-shirts, ripped pants and leggings for something more fashionable. Miles Kimball is here with recommendations for the best loungewear for men and women so you can treat yourself well — even if you’re simply relaxing at home. Buy lounge clothing from our online store to get unique apparel at affordable prices!

Lounge Robes

Sometimes you just want to wake up, throw something on and call it a day. A comfortable lounge robe is the perfect solution for those times when you want to dress simple yet feel luxurious. Commonly referred to as bathrobes, these robes are versatile loungewear clothing that can be donned after showering and before putting on regular clothes. Lounger robes are also a good way to cover up and dry off at the beach. Stylish apparel like snap-front fleece robes are accepted morning and nighttime wear around the house, too, and have an added benefit of easy-on, easy-off dressing.

When you’re not planning to leave the house (except to go to the beach), loungewear robes allow you to get dressed in seconds. Available in many different styles, you can find short robes or long robes in classic, kimono, gown and hooded styles. Robes can be found in many different materials, including terry cloth, cotton waffle, microfiber and plush micro-fleece for the ultimate stay-at-home comfort. You can also find personalized robes that make your lazy days even more special. At Miles Kimball, we have great personalized robes that make great gifts for someone in your life — or to purchase for yourself!

Lounge Pants

When the goal is to be comfy, the last thing you need is tight denim jeans or khakis that can squeeze your legs like a tourniquet and cause discomfort around your waist. The most comfortable lounge pants are made of softer materials that are looser and more accommodating than other kinds of fabric, such as denim, twill or cotton. Lounge pants also feature elastic waistlines that make for a more comfortable lazy day experience.

The most common choices for lounge bottoms are sweatpants, track pants and joggers. This athletic attire is also incredibly comfortable casualwear for all ages and genders. The differences are as follows:

  • Sweatpants are made of a heavy material that’s nice and warm with a baggy, loose fit.
  • Track pants are made of a lightweight nylon material that is more form-fitting and provides more ease of movement.
  • Joggers are “dressed-up” sweatpants with better fits and large elastic cuffs at the ankles.

Any of these pants will be great loungewear options. Leggings and yoga pants are also a strong loungewear choice for women. These provide a form-fitting look with spandex and other stretchy materials so you can still move freely.

One-Piece Loungers and Caftans

Now we’re getting into the ultimate combination of simplicity, comfort and style. Loungers and caftan dresses are one-piece woman’s outfits with versatility for various occasions. Both are everyday variations on the robe (or tunic) that has been worn for thousands of years around the world, which makes them timeless loungewear that women have reached for again and again over the years.

A woman’s lounger is generally longer than a caftan and has a more form-fitting, dress-like shape. Caftans are often shorter and have a looser, less defined fit. Both are available in a variety of styles for varying levels of casual. For example, a floral front-zip lounger or a blue scroll caftan is fine outdoor summer-wear, while a flannel lounger is a cozy stay-at-home winter outfit. Ladies will certainly find something they’re comfortable in that’s easy to slip into on a Saturday morning at Miles Kimball!


You don’t just need lazy day clothes when you’re awake — comfortable sleepwear is important too. You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not be cozy while you’re at it? When you’re choosing comfortable sleepwear, you want something lightweight and loose-fitting for snuggling under the covers. For both men and women, knit pajama shirts and pants (or shorts) offer unsurpassed comfort when catching those “Zs.” When temperatures cool down, microfleece pants and flannel sleepwear bottoms should be your go-to. Get bottoms with an elastic or drawstring waist to avoid squeezing your waist and hips.

If ladies prefer a one-piece outfit, a ribbed cotton terry gown or a silky chemise robe add some sophistication. Have long hair? Consider a sleep cap. It will keep your locks contained as you slumber so you don’t wake up to tangles, frizz and hours of hair repair.

Comfortable Shirts

You don’t need to think too hard about what top to wear on a lazy Sunday. For a good loungewear shirt, nothing beats the classic T-shirt or a cozy snap-front sweatshirt. These tops can be thrown on and worn throughout the day as you run your errands. We recommend ordering one size up from your normal shirts for a fit that’s loose but not frumpy. Graphic tees are fun to keep in the drawer and will be a true friend. Make sure you also have a few cozy sweatshirts, sweaters or hoodies on-hand if it’s cool or rainy.

Super-Cozy Slippers

Of course, any lazy day attire at home wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable pair of slippers. House slippers will keep your toes toasty and will help provide better traction than socks, which will help reduce slips and falls. Miles Kimball offers a wide range of men’s and women’s slippers in many different styles, including ballet slippers, open-toe slippers and clog-style footwear. It’s easy to find great options on our site!

Lazy Day Clothing, Comfy Loungewear and More

Just because you’re spending the day at home doesn’t mean that you must settle for unfashionable clothes. With Miles Kimball, you can mix and match comfortable loungewear to suit your style preferences to have a day at home you’ll truly enjoy.

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