Easy-Grow, Just-Add-Water Flowers & Plants

Easy-to-Grow Garden Flowers and Plants Ideas

Some folks just seem to be endowed with the proverbial “green thumb.” You know, those who have been naturally gifted from birth with the ability to fill their homes and gardens with lush, thriving foliage and blooms. Unfortunately, others haven’t been quite so lucky. They’ve had experience after experience in which their plants withered and died in front of their eyes.

This is not only disheartening, but it can also be extremely disappointing, particularly for those who really love flowers and plants. For people who think of themselves as “gardening-disabled,” Miles Kimball offers some fantastic solutions that might even have their plant-proficient neighbors getting a little green. We’ve compiled a few of our very favorite easy-to-grow garden flowers and low-maintenance plants that will change the way you think about your garden!

Easy Flower Gardens for Beginners: Seed Mats

For easy-to-grow garden flowers, Miles Kimball offers a nice assortment of pre-seeded flower mats, rolls and bags, all with different flower mixes and sun requirements. These easy flowers to grow can grace any area, thanks to our options that include both shade-loving blooms and sun-loving flowers.

Easy Garden Flowers for Shady Areas 

Our roll-out seed mat selection includes many varieties that are shade tolerant. Even those of you who don’t get much direct sun exposure in your yard can enjoy watching gorgeous beds of blooms pop up before your eyes. We think that you’ll love our Shady Garden Roll-Out Seed Mat that features a lovely assortment of flowers that includes poppies, pansies and forget-me-nots. Another option for shadier environments is our Shady Annual Tree Ring, which is no-fuss way to achieve fabulous blooms under a tree. Just place under a tree and water it regularly. You’ll be amazed with the number of easy-care flowers and plants that pop up, including hosta varieties, lobelia and begonias.

Sunny Space Garden Seed Mats 

If you have areas of your yard that get more sun, Miles Kimball has several other fragrant and easy-care flower collections. Our Sunny Tree Ring, for example, is perfect for covering the ground beneath a tree with cheery blooms in multiple hues — including pink, orange, rose, mauve, blue-violet, purple, white, blue, yellow and red — throughout the summer. The best part is that many of these are perennials, which means they’ll continue to bloom year after year.

Or how about attracting some fascinating garden visitors to your yard with our Butterfly and Hummingbird Roll-Out Seed Mat? With partial sun and water, this mat produces an amazing array of vibrant flowers that are selected for their attractiveness to butterflies and hummingbirds. If you know someone who’s particularly fond of these delicate creatures, then this seed mat makes a perfect spring gift.

Other Specialty Garden Mat and Easy Flower Picks 

Miles Kimball’s Honeybee Garden Flower Mat serves a dual purpose by offering a summer medley of spectacular, aromatic flowers, specifically selected for their ability to attract honeybees. As you may know, honeybees and a great number of other insect populations are declining worldwide due to factors such as pesticide use, habitat destruction and climate change. By planting a honeybee garden, you can help support one species of these important pollinators. One of the newest arrivals to our garden department are seed stones. These amazing clay “stones” come pre-seeded and are ready to be planted in your garden or in the ground. Choose from several varieties of these amazing seed stones at Miles Kimball!

If you enjoy the uniform cluster look of one type of flower, you’re in luck! We have several different varieties of easy flower garden options that feature one type of bloom. Check out our Sunflower Garden Mat or Merry Marigolds Mat.

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