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Make Grandparents’ Day Extra Special with Personalized Gifts

National Grandparent’s Day in the United States has been a relatively new addition to the parade holidays celebrated in this country. President Jimmy Carter signed the legislation that detailed the first Sunday after Labor Day as “National Grandparent’s Day” in August of 1978. According to the preamble of the statute, the purpose of the holiday is to “honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help children become of aware of the strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.”

National Grandparent’s Day

The past few years have been especially difficult for many grandparents around the world, which makes the upcoming National Grandparents’ Day even more significant. The pandemic may have directly affected your parents, grandparents or other elderly members of your family in many different ways. In addition, many families are spread out now more than ever, making it tougher for regular visits.

For these reasons, it is even more important to acknowledge this holiday and make it a point to celebrate National Grandparent’s Day. At Kimball Corner, we’ve put together some thoughts and ideas about some gifts that grandparents will love for the National Grandparent’s Day holiday.

When is National Grandparent’s Day?

Although other countries around the world (such as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, for example) celebrate their own holidays to honor grandparents, these dates are different than in the United States. National Grandparent’s Day is celebrated in the U.S. on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The upcoming holiday will be celebrated on September 10, 2023.

Personalized Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa

Everyone loves personalized gifts; grandparents are no different! Personalized gifts offer someone an extra-special product and demonstrate that you put some extra effort and thought into their selection. With Miles Kimball, it’s easy to find personalized items that your grandparents will love. You can tailor your grandparents’ hobbies, interests and pastimes into this personalized gift-giving tradition.

Custom Decorative Garden Flags

For a grandma or a grandpa who loves their outdoor spaces, our personalized outdoor décor, garden flags, wind chimes and planters are must-sees. Check out our decorative garden flags in several styles, including our personalized “Garden of Love” garden flag, our “Patriotic Fireworks” garden flag, our personalized “Frog Garden” flag, the personalized “Grandma’s Favorite Peeps” Easter garden flag or the charming custom “Tweet Hearts” garden flag. These garden flag selections can be personalized to feature the names of grandkids, which we think will utterly delight all grandparents.

Personalized Home Décor for Grandparents

Home is where your grandparent’s hearts are, so a great addition to their home is likely something that they’ll love. For veterans, our Veteran’s Flag Display Case is always a thoughtful gift to give a grandma or a grandpa who served in one of the branches of the military. Family birthdays are meant to be celebrated, and with our Personalized Dates to Remember wall hanging, your grandparents will never forget whose birthday is when.

For a rustic table centerpiece, planter or home decoration, they’ll love our personalized wooden planter boxes in several different designs, all which would make a great gift for grandma or grandpa. Choose from our “God Bless America” style or our “Family Name with Year” style. They can be added to a dining room table and filled with napkins and other utensils, filled with artificial flowers or used to store cooking utensils on a kitchen countertop. These versatile, high-quality personalized wood planters are fantastic additions to grandparents’ homes and will be cherished for many years because they will know that these gifts came from the heart.

Personalized Photo Frames for Grandpa and Grandma

All grandparents love showing off their grandchildren’s school and special occasion photographs. There’s always a place on proud grandparent’s shelves for another picture frame that highlights their pride and joy. What’s an even better way to show off the grandkids? With a personalized photo frame, of course!

At Miles Kimball, we have personalized Exposures photo frames galore in all sorts of styles and colors. From eye-catching and vibrant to rustic and understated, there’s a photo frame for all interest preferences and décor choices. Our Personalized Grandma English Rose Frame is a wonderful choice for your grandma (or nana, or granny or mimi). Pair it with our Personalized Grandpa & Me Frame for memorable gifts they’ll love to display.

Our personalized “Gone Fishing” frame celebrates the bonding time between grandpa and his grandson or granddaughter. Don’t miss our personalized shiplap “Grandpa” frame for a high-quality addition to any mantle, shelf or table. For the best grandma ever, our “I Made it Just For You” frame allows you to feature the names of the grandkids under your favorite family picture.

Photo and Scrapbooking Items

Our Exposures photo and scrapbooking albums are top-notch ways to organize and highlight the most special moments in life. We think grandparents will love one of these albums. Even better, purchase one of our high-quality albums and their corresponding photo pages to create a custom album that highlights a special moment, such as a golden anniversary party, a special birthday or a family reunion. They’ll love these thoughtful handmade gifts that were put together with love and care by the people who mean the most to them.

Letter Writer Gifts, Stationery and More

Many of our cherished memory boxes include hand-written notes, cards and letters from grandma or grandpa. Do you have a grandma or a grandpa who loves to write letters and send cards? Consider putting together a basket of personalized address labels and other personalized stationery items as a National Grandparent’s Day gift that they’ll be able to use throughout the year to communicate with loved ones all over the world. Our personalized name and address labels are always a fantastic idea and come in a huge variety of styles, including patriotic red, white and blue styles, garden-themed personalized labels as well as religious and faith-themed address labels that feature stunning scenes and vibrant colors. Grandparents will love our greeting and note card products, our 20-count all-occasion greeting card sets and our customized notepads. In the gift basket, don’t forget to add a smooth-writing gel pen and some postage stamps, too.

Celebrate Relationships that Mean the Most

National Grandparent’s Day is a way to highlight and celebrate those relationships that means so much. Make this day even more special with personalized gifts for grandparents that they’re guaranteed to love. Our custom gifts are a way to say, “I love you,” even if long distances may physically separate us. Do you have any ideas for gifts to give grandparents? Do you have a special way you celebrate your grandparents for National Grandparent’s Day? We hope you’ll share your story, gift or idea by leaving a comment below.

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