5 Reasons to Wear Slippers in Your Home

As the chill sets into the air, there are just certain things that we reach for to give us comfort. It could be that mug of hot chocolate or tea, your favorite warm, fluffy blanket or that extra-cozy sweater. Soft, warm slippers go hand-in-hand with the fall, winter and early spring seasons. They’re also naturals to give as gifts during the holiday celebrations, as well as birthdays, special occasions and more.

Here at Kimball Corner, we’ve put together some reasons why slippers for men and slippers for women are some of our favorite winter items — and why wearing them in your home is such a good idea (as if you needed more reasons to love slippers!).

#1: Slippers Take Away the Chill and Help Keep You Healthy

Cold floors are no match for a cozy pair of slippers. Keep a pair beside your bed (along with a super-warm robe) to put on first thing in the morning so you can get that first cup of coffee or tea in comfort. When cold and flu season hits, did you know slippers can help keep you healthier? Studies have shown that cold feet directly affect your body’s ability to fight off illnesses. When your feet are cold, your body experiences a protective mechanism that helps control the escape of heat from your body: the blood vessels in your nose and throat constrict. The tiny protective hairs in the nose that “catch” germs and bacteria can also be affected, making them less effective. Wearing slippers in your home can help regulate your feet’s temperature, thus optimizing your body’s immune system to work better and more efficiently. Who knew that cold feet could directly affect your body’s defenses against sickness?

#2: Slippers Are More Hygienic

Think about where your shoes have been all day: on the bus, in public restrooms, at school, at the grocery store. It’s enough to give you the heebie-jeebies. Some studies, in fact, have shown that the bottoms of your shoes are dirtier than a public bathroom. A 2016 study at the University of Arizona reported that the average shoe sole is covered with 421,000 bacteria species. Additionally, the University of Houston discovered that 26% of shoes examined tested positive for C. diff, a dangerous bacteria that can cause serious infection.

Although many countries have incorporated taking shoes off at the door into their cultures (Scandinavia, Japan, etc.), Americans are known for not requiring family and friends to take their shoes off upon entering their homes. Want to implement this practice? Having a basket of “guest slippers” at the door can soften your request for guests to take their shoes off at the front door. The “no shoes in the house” rule can help keep your floors, carpets and rugs cleaner and can reduce your chances of encountering nasty germs.

#3: Slippers Help Reduce Communicable Diseases

Bare feet can be comfortable. However, when you live in a home with others, bare feet can help facilitate the spread of certain fungal infections and communicable diseases like athlete’s foot, fungus, warts, staph infections, viruses and more. This is especially concerning if you have kids who participate in sports or family members who are in and out of gym locker rooms (because who knows what they can contract in those public places!).

These communicable diseases are highly contagious and, although they may be a slight inconvenience to some people, others — such as individuals with diabetes — need to be hypervigilant to avoid them. That’s because those with compromised immune systems can take an unusually long time to heal, particularly in places like the feet where circulation is often an issue.

Enacting a “no bare feet” policy in your house may take some time to get used to, but it can do so much for the health and wellbeing of your family. Make this transition easy by buying a pair of comfy house slippers for each member of your family and make it fun, colorful and cozy.

#4: Slippers Can Help Reduce Household Slips and Falls

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 3 million older Americans are treated in emergency departments each year due to falls. In 2015, falls cost the American public more than $50 billion in medical costs. One easy way to help yourself stay steady on your feet is to wear slippers in the house. Although socks will keep your feet warm, they don’t have hard or rubberized soles and they can cause slips on tile or other slippery surfaces.

At Miles Kimball, our slippers are available in dozens of slipper styles for men and women — from comfort slides and Mary Jane-style non-slip slippers to clogs and ballet slipper styles. We also carry edema slippers, which allow you to adjust their fit via Velcro fasteners to personalize your comfort level. Have someone in your life who needs some extra security around their house? Consider browsing Miles Kimball’s selection of slippers and give them the gift of safety for holidays, special occasions or birthdays.

#5: Slippers Help You Get Things Done

When you’re cold or chilled, it’s tough to concentrate on much else. Did you know that studies have shown that slippers help increase productivity — both at home and at work? No, slippers are not just for at home — they can also be great additions to your office as well! When wearing uncomfortable, unforgiving shoes (heels, anyone?), it can lead to distractions. A designated pair of office slippers are always a good idea — especially since offices can be notoriously cold. 

Slippers for Men and Slippers for Women at Miles Kimball

Love slippers? Can’t get enough of these super-comfortable footwear items? Miles Kimball has a ton of slippers available for both men and women that make it easy, convenient and ultra-affordable to wear these comfortable footwear pieces in your home.

Shop slipperscasual shoesactive shoes and indoor sandals in our selection here at Miles Kimball. You’re sure to find a slipper and footwear style that will fit your lifestyle — whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget to purchase a few extra slippers for guests to make their visits warm, safe and clean. Keep them in a storage bin or on a shoe rack by your front door so they’re easily accessible. Our Wooden Shoe Rack by LivingSURE™ is a great place to store your slippers and holds up to eight pairs. Bonus: It also makes for an organized front door area!

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