Photo Storage Boxes and Displays for Your Summer Memories     

Make Summer Memories Last Forever with Photo Storage and Displays

Summer is the time of year when we visit friends, embark on road trips or head to family reunions. Those get-togethers will likely mean that cameras and smartphones will be frequent sights. Of course, you’ll want to preserve all these special moments and discover new ways to surround yourself with those memories to keep them alive.

As a result of these happy photo opportunities, you’ll likely have many, many photographs to store and display. It’s frustrating when it’s difficult to find those photos you want to share, especially when they’re of your kids, grandkids, aunts or other family members that mean the most to you. That’s why properly storing and organizing your summer photo memories is so important.

It’s Kimball Corner to the rescue! Read on to discover some fun and smart ways to show off those memories, as well as how to preserve and store your photos with our favorite photo storage boxes, photo organization items and picture frames.

Store Your Summer Memories

Displaying Your Summer Photos

It’s comforting to be surrounded by those you love. Photos are an opportunity to freeze special moments in time to have those precious faces close at-hand as a daily reminder of your summer fun and family events. One way to show off those summer photo memories is to display them in decorative summer picture frames available at Miles Kimball. We have dozens of different product options with varying themes, many of which can be personalized to make them even more unique. Create a wall of framed photos with a specific theme (for example, a black and white photo theme or a collage of a memorable vacation) for a striking photo display that will be both artistic and heartwarming.

Unique Photo Frames

At Miles Kimball, you’ll find wonderfully colorful photo frames in many different styles, sizes and shapes. Our custom photo frames can be personalized with names or phrases, depending on the space provided. That means these pictures and their displays will be extra-meaningful to you and your family. Hang them, set them out on tables or put them on bookshelves as constant reminders of the people you love. We have a variety of summer-themed photo frames, including our English Rose Frame, our Fanciful Fireworks Frame and our Flowers-a-Flutter Frame that features whimsical, summery flowers.

In addition to these summer-themed picture frames, you’ll find other selections that are ideal for other occasions and holidays. Show off your grandkids’ cute costumes in Halloween-themed photo frames, celebrate first communions or graduations. Miles Kimball has all the frames, both personalized and non-personalized, that will bring you pride and joy every time you look at them. (Psst! Personalized photo frames make great gifts, too.)

Photo Storage Boxes to Organize Your Memories

Storage and organization are challenges for many household items. This can be especially true for photos. Given the importance of your summer photos, you want to ensure that these memories are safe and are at your fingertips when you need them. Perhaps you’re wanting to organize the photos for later use in photo albums or in scrapbooks and you need a system to sort, file and store your summer photos. Luckily, Miles Kimball has some fantastic photo storage and organization products that will ensure you know exactly where those special pictures are when you need them.

Today’s photo storage solutions from Miles Kimball make it easier than ever to keep these summer photos together and organized. Our plastic photo storage boxes provide multiple containers that are just the right size for your vacation photos, family reunion photos or photos of family visits. Choose between 7-piece photo storage box sets or large 17-piece storage box sets, each with individual acid-free containers that will provide safe-keeping for your treasured photos until you need them. The lids snap tightly closed and keep your photos free from dust, debris and dampness. Individually label each of these clever containers by year, by family or by occasion. When the time comes to organize your summer photos in albums (or to show them off to friends!), you’ll know exactly where to look.

Photo Albums for Summer Memories

Whether you’re a scrapbooking guru or want to begin to better organize your photo collection, photo albums are the way to go. It’s important, however, that you choose the right photo albums for the job: affordable photo albums can cause more harm than good and damage your precious photos. You want to find top-notch picture albums that will offer the protection you need as well as plenty of room, beautiful bindings and classic presentations that you’ll be proud of. Look for acid-free paper, non-adhesive backing pages and high-quality plastic. Cutting corners with affordable photo albums can cause issues later.

Miles Kimball Exposures photo albums have all of what you need. These beautiful, keepsake-worthy photo albums will not only beautifully display those summer photos, but they’ll also look stunning when arranged on bookshelves or placed on coffee tables. Our high-quality leather photo albums can be personalized with dates, names or special events. Want to commemorate your granddaughter’s graduation from college and the party that went along with it? Relive an especially memorable family reunion full of activities that you don’t want to forget? These albums are excellent for all of life’s memories, such as a special family vacation or road trip. We even offer wedding photo albums that are specially made to create a stunning presentation of that super-special family event. Additional photo pages are always available on our site when you need them, so you can add to or modify your photo albums at any time.

Exposures photo albums from Miles Kimball are perfect for keeping those memories all in one place and at your fingertips. Choose from many different sizes, colors and style options. We also offer non-personalized photo albums, which allow you to label your album to your preference. Arrange by dates, events and more. With these high-quality photo albums, it’s easy to create something perfect.

Enjoy, Appreciate and Love Your Summer Photos

Summer is the time to shine; the warm weather beckons us to get together, make memories and enjoy each other’s company. Enjoy all that summer has to offer with these photo display and photo storage ideas that will allow you to enjoy those photographs taken to commemorate all your summertime memories. With Miles Kimball, it’s easy to do with all our great ideas to enjoy, appreciate and love your summer photos.

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