Start the Day Off Right: Healthy Morning Routines

Rise and Shine to a Healthy Morning Routine 

There are hundreds of morning quotes and sayings that communicate the importance of starting the day off right, such as “be willing to be a beginner every morning” and the wise words of popular children’s book character, Lemony Snicket: “Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”

The importance of starting your day off right, along with a good attitude and putting good habits to use, is a vital part of making the most out of your life. Everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes a perfect morning: is it a brisk walk? A morning meditation with a cup of coffee or a hot tea? What about a good breakfast or a special beauty routine that makes you look (and feel) your best? We’ve put together a few suggestions about some easy ways to help jumpstart those healthy morning routines so you can rise, shine and be the early bird that catches that worm!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise — Without the Use of a Smartphone

Good morning habits begin with good sleeping habits. We all know those healthy sleep habits, such as going to bed at the same time, getting exercise during the day, limiting alcohol and caffeine before bed and using your bedroom only for sleeping. It’s also important to wake up at the same time every day, preferably with the use of a quality alarm clock — instead of that smartphone. Experts say that smartphones in the bedroom can disrupt the quality of your sleep. It can also be tempting to check those texts, play a round or two of your favorite game or pop into your preferred social media account when you wake throughout the night.

Keep that smartphone off your bedside table and opt for a traditional alarm clock, such as one of our alarm clocks available for sale at Miles Kimball. Add one of these digital or analog clocks to your bedside and replace the phone that is hampering your quality of sleep, as well as your good morning routine.

A Good Breakfast is the Start of a Good Day

We’ve all heard that breakfast is an important meal of the day, but not just any old breakfast counts. Although a delicious stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup may sound amazing, it’s not doing a whole lot to start your day off healthy. A whole lot of carbs will leave you feeling hungry before lunch. A high-protein breakfast will help keep you satisfied for longer, allowing you to do your job without succumbing to the dreaded munchies, heading off to snag that last donut in the breakroom or reaching for that bag of chips.

Luckily, creating a healthy breakfast isn’t hard or time-consuming, particularly when you opt to use one of our small kitchen appliances. Whether you’re whipping up some scrambled eggs and bacon in our compact electric skillet or you’re toasting your favorite whole grain bread in one of our toasters, you’ll always be well-equipped to tackle breakfast head-on! Our Cat Silicone Egg Mold by Chef’s Pride™ is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, along with starting your day off right in a healthy way. Also, don’t miss our microwave cookers, including our microwave egg cookers and microwave bacon cookers. (Hint: These quick and easy meal-makers are great for super-simple kids’ breakfasts.)

Organize Your Day with a List

Start off your day by making a list. Why? Lists can help you prioritize your day and get things done efficiently. Psychologists have said that lists are also important for our brains: they provide structure, make sense out of jumbled thoughts and are black-and-white reminders of what has been accomplished. Whether you have a journal in which you keep your thoughts or you reach for the closest piece of scratch paper to make your daily list, starting your day off by writing out what needs to be done is an important exercise in productivity.

Check out our planners and calendars from Miles Kimball to keep important dates and occasions at your fingertips. Also, don’t miss our other organizers and other great stationery options, which include great personalized options as well.

Gratitude and Positivity Go Hand-in-Hand

Along with your daily list, why not start the day with a gratitude list? Counting your blessings is a wonderful way to start your day and can begin your daily routine with a positive outlook. Studies have shown that people who kept a gratitude journal experience positive moods, optimism about the future and better sleep, compared to individuals who journaled about the hassles in their lives.

Along the same lines as counting your blessings is the importance of starting your day off with motivational and positive quotes. Quotes have a unique power to motivate, encourage and inspire. They also prompt you to take action and provide you with insight and wisdom. Whenever you see a motivational quote that speaks to you, write it down in a special journal. It’s helpful to have a small journal or a notebook with you at all times so you don’t forget. Spend time with these quotes each and every morning. Pinterest is also a great source for motivational quotes. Create a board with your favorites and refer to them often.

Rise and Shine: It’s Exercise Time!

A daily walk or jog is a great way to energize you and get you ready to face your day. Studies have suggested that those who dive right into early-morning exercise routines are more likely to stick with them and to reap additional benefits, such as boosted productivity throughout the day and improved fat burning. There is also something to be said about doing something that is good for YOU first thing in the morning — before you worry about spouses, kids and work.

To help motivate you to exercise in the morning, download an audio book or tune into your favorite podcast. Even better, add your favorite four-legged friend. You’ll both benefit from this early-morning routine that is both healthy and uplifting. For great exercise footwear options, don’t miss our selection of comfortable walking and active shoes, such as these extra-comfy Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Walking Shoes, available in two fun colors.

Healthy Habits Worth Getting Behind

Getting the most out of your life begins with healthy habits. How you begin your morning is important. Do you have a special morning routine or healthy habit that you recommend? Leave a comment down below to let us know how you start your day off right.

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