Glitter Christmas Ornaments: A Sparkling Addition  

If there is a theme to Christmas décor, it’s that it’s shiny. Foils, glitter, lights: Even the biggest scrooges can’t resist the sparkle of tinsel accents, lighted decorations and string lights that brighten up the landscapes during this most wonderful time of the year. Glitter is something that goes hand-in-hand with Christmas, accenting everything from windows and garland to holiday cards and, our favorite, ornaments.

The History of Glitter

To understand how the popularity of glitter ornaments became such a highlight during the season, you must know a little about the origin of glitter. Nurembürg, Germany, the home of the famous Christkindlesmarkt (said by many to be first Christmas market, dating back to the early 1600s), was the birthplace of glitter’s forerunner, tinsel. Tinsel was invented during this same time as the market’s inception from shards of shredded silver, and was wrapped around lampposts, trees and statues.

Glitter: An All-American Phenomenon

The story from this shiny Christmas holiday decoration to modern glitter leads us across the Atlantic Ocean to a farm in New Jersey, where a German immigrant cut scrap material into tiny pieces in the 1930s. It was first mentioned in a New York Times article in 1942, stating that the city’s residents used it to provide “additional scintillation” to their home and to store windows. It took 30 years for patents to be filed on these special machines that cut foil. Today, glitter is everywhere.

Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Although crafters everywhere have a unique love of glitter all year long, there’s just something special about it during Christmas. Glitter ornaments offer something uniquely special to your Christmas tree, setting off the lights in such a way that is magical. Glitter ornaments reflect the light on your Christmas tree and illuminate your décor, making it absolutely irresistible.

Glitter Ornaments in Ornament Land

The Miles Kimball company’s origins began during Christmas of 1935, so naturally we love the way that glitter can be incorporated into the holiday season. We have dozens of glitter-accented ornaments in Ornament Land that will brighten up your Christmas tree, holiday décor and put you in the mood to celebrate. In Ornament Land, you’ll find a delightful assortment of glitter ornaments. This assortment includes our famous personalized name and date ornaments. It also includes a wide range of glitter-accented ornaments that feature Christmas favorites like stockings, Christmas trees and Santa hats.

Glitter Glass Ball Ornaments

Glitter ornaments are a popular choice for personalized gifts here at Miles Kimball, particularly our personalized glass ball glitter ornaments. Our Personalized Name OR Date Glitter Ornament lets you choose between several colors of classic glass ball ornaments, including blue, gold, green or red, and allows you to personalize these ornaments with your choice of either a name (up to 12 letters and/or spaces) or a date with glitter. This option is perfect for a themed tree for kids, grandkids and/or pets, or allows you to purchase a themed ornament that commemorates a specific year. Another popular option is our Personalized Name AND Date Glitter Ornament, which allows you to highlight both the year and an individual’s name. This double-sided glitter ornament option is not only a fantastic option for your Christmas tree, it makes an extra-special gift for everyone from friends and family to co-workers. These thoughtful personalized glitter ornaments are Miles Kimball best-sellers for good reasons! They’re beautiful, welcoming and allow you to personalize your tree with sparkling shine that is guaranteed to be enjoyed all season long.

Glitter Christmas Accent Ornaments

Celebrate traditional scenes and signs of the season with glitter-accented ornaments that feature Christmas favorites, such as Christmas stockings and Santa hats. Stockings and Santa hats are Christmas décor items that are everywhere during this time of year — from the heads of carolers on the snowy streets to stair bannisters and fireplace hearths. They are also perfect with which to trim your tree, especially when they have glittering accents and personalized features. Our Personalized Birthstone Glitter Stocking Ornament makes a great gift; you can personalize it with not only a name, but a birthstone color as well. The brightly colored glitter corresponds with the owner’s birthstone, such as amethyst purple for February birthdays, emerald green for May and aquamarine blue for March — just to name a few. These Santa stockings are also available in “plain,” where they’re personalized with a name and come in the traditional Christmas red. Love Santa hats? Then our Personalized Santa Hat Glitter Ornament is a must-have. It is personalized with both the name of your choice (one line, up to 12 letters/spaces) and the year.

Glitter Family Ornaments

Family ornaments are a customer favorite, too! Choose between glitter Christmas tree ornaments that feature custom personalization for up to seven members of your family. Choose from the Personalized White Christmas Glitter Tree Ornaments or Personalized Green Christmas Tree Ornaments. A delightful Personalized Ornament Family Ornament is also a great choice, which allows you to personalize this piece from two family members to six family members.

Shop and Explore at Miles Kimball

These are just a few of our glitter Christmas ornaments available on our website. There are dozens of others that are just waiting to be explored in our inventory, so browse Ornament Land for your favorite glitter ornaments and decorate this year’s Christmas tree with extra pops of glitter — a Christmastime favorite.

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