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 Spending time outdoors is essential for your health and happiness, especially after a long, dark winter. When you add beautiful pops of color to your outdoor areas, you’ll have a vibrant landscape that will make you look forward to getting outside and soaking in that vitamin D from the sun. A colorful garden is a great way to impress guests and wow neighbors, making your home the place to be when the weather warms up. A welcoming outdoor area will also prompt you to entertain more because you’ll be proud to show it to friends and family.

Adding vibrant, living colors is easy with beautiful blooms and plants. If you want to see more than greenery when you step outside as well, Miles Kimball can help. We’ve come up with five of the best ways to add color to outdoor spaces using unique products from our online store. We offer lots of fantastic outdoor décor items at affordable prices so you can bring your outdoor vision to life. You’ll be able to infuse your landscape with every color in the rainbow while staying on a budget, thanks to the fun finds on our website.

Flowering Plants and Colorful Pots

Begin your journey to colorful landscape décor by keeping things natural. Beautiful flowers and plants come in every imaginable color. With the right seeds, roll-out flower mats or bare-root plants, you can cultivate anything from small pops of color to sweeping outdoor art scenes. Planting your flowers in brightly colored pots is another way to create a dynamic and welcoming outdoor space. If you don’t have the gardening skills to tend to real flowers or want year-round blooms, artificial planters and hanging baskets will also enliven your yard. Today’s faux flowers are almost indistinguishable from their living counterparts and are great ways to revitalize your patio, front porch or deck with color that lasts and lasts. You’ll love the maintenance-free beauty these artificial hanging baskets and flowers bring to areas that may be difficult to tend to due to too little sun or shade that can inhibit greenery growth.

Colorful Garden Outdoor Furniture

You’ll need a place to sit if you want to relax outside, so you might as well make your seating area a focal point in the outdoor space. Instead of another bland, tan armchair or white lounger, why not opt for stylish outdoor furniture that’s blue, yellow or orange? Adding simple cushions or decorative pillows to your outdoor chairs is a super-simple way to add pops of color to your outdoor seating area décor. You can add colorful focal points by setting your patio table with a printed vinyl outdoor tablecloth. When the weather gets cold or rainy, striped outdoor furniture covers will continue to distinguish your tables and chairs while adding protective barriers from the elements.

Garden Yard Stakes and Wind Spinners

Metal wind spinners are underrated ways to make landscapes livelier. Their colorful designs are even more vibrant when the wind blows, and their blades rotate and gleam under the sun. In addition to traditional outdoor decorations like sunflower and spiral wind spinners, we offer creative yard décor to brighten your space. Just watch the Giant Flower Wind Spinner or Biking Kitten Spinner Stake in action to see how delightful they can be on a blustery day! Garden yard flags, decorative metal garden stakes, figurines and bird feeders are other unique ways to make your landscape more colorful. Whether you choose a yard stake or a wind spinner that you can show off all year long or want patriotic 4th of July decorations for a barbecue with the family, Miles Kimball can help you with affordable garden décor you won’t find elsewhere.

Outdoor Lighting

 Looking to entertain long after the sun goes down? It’s easy with weatherproof outdoor lights! Many of our outdoor garden lighting looks so great you’ll want to keep them hanging during the daytime, too! You can keep it simple with traditional hanging lights and candle lamps or be bold by installing LED flower stakes, butterfly clip lights, spiral string lights and multicolored lanterns. Solar-powered lights are some of the most popular items in our outdoor yard lighting inventory. During the day, solar stake lights or weatherproof string lighting stores energy from the sun. Many feature automatic timers that illuminate at dusk so you don’t have to manually turn them on and off. You won’t need to spend a cent on electricity when you add solar lights to your outdoor area!

Walls and Entryways

Adding color to garden walls, front yard fences or patio entryways will set the tone for the rest of your landscape. Paint these areas with a solid, eye-catching color to serve as a backdrop for plants and dining areas or create a mural for a fun and whimsical setting. Outdoor wall hangers and fence sitters are fun, temporary alternatives to paint. Use floral, bird-themed, patriotic and holiday welcome signs as year-round or seasonal outdoor décor. Thanks to the affordable options at Miles Kimball, you can swap out your outdoor wall décor often for decorative touches that will be the envy of your neighbors.

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