Tips to Prepare for Christmas Early This Fall

If you can’t wait for Christmas to arrive, you’re not alone. The fall season often has people thinking ahead to the holidays and dreaming about all the fun ways they hope to celebrate with loved ones in the coming months. If your countdown to Christmas has already begun and you’re eager to get started with holiday activities, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide on how to prepare for Christmas early to get tips on how to get started during the fall!

1. Sort Through Your Decorations

One of the things that many people look forward to the most when it comes to Christmas preparations is putting up their decorations. But don’t wait until the holiday season is in full swing to go through your stash of decor. Instead, take things out early to check whether any items need repairs, cleaning or upgrades in advance. For example, you may find some bulbs have burned out on your holiday string lights, or maybe you want to add a few personalized Christmas ornaments to your collection this year.

2. Add Events to Your Calendar

It’s never too early to start thinking about your holiday schedule. Everyone gets busy at this time of year, so it’s important to get the can’t-miss events on your calendar ASAP. Plan a gathering with extended family and jot down the dates for Christmas parties, holiday recitals and other special events.

Think about traditions you want to incorporate into your holiday celebrations as well. While it’s great to get the big events on your schedule, don’t forget to set aside time for things like baking cookies with your kids or taking a drive around the neighborhood to look at all the holiday light displays. These moments are just as important as big holiday parties, especially when it comes to creating special family memories.

3. Start Your Shopping

There’s no need to wait to do all of your shopping when the stores are packed with other holiday shoppers. Get a head start on your preparation for Christmas by searching for fun gifts ahead of time. This gives you more time to find something special for everyone on your list, and it allows you to spread out the costs over time so it’s easier on your budget.

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4. Work on Your Christmas Cards

Working on your Christmas cards is something you can mark off your Christmas preparation checklist well in advance of the holiday. Starting in the fall gives you plenty of time to get your personalized Christmas cards and address labels in order. You can write in thoughtful messages without feeling rushed and have everything signed, sealed and ready to mail out once the holiday season hits.

5. Plan Your Holiday Menu

Another item on your Christmas prep list that you can work on ahead of time is planning the menu. A holiday feast is much more enjoyable to prepare when you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. Make a shopping list of everything you’ll need, and organize your recipes for easy reference when the holiday season arrives. Also, make sure you have all the holiday kitchen supplies you need to keep things looking festive while you cook and bake.

Use these helpful steps to start getting into the holiday spirit during the fall!

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