Keep Your Houseguests Happy with These 10 Nostalgic Candies

As Christmas draws near, it’s time to start thinking about how to make guests invited into your home for the holidays feel comfortable and happy. When it comes to deciding what kind of snacks to provide for your guests, nostalgic candies are always a great choice. Keep reading for some ideas of different candies you can keep around your home to stir up sweet memories.

Assorted Gumdrops

Gumdrop candies are one of the sweetest ways to add a burst of color to a coffee table, dining room centerpiece or kitchen counter. In a typical gumdrop assortment, you can find red, yellow, green, orange and purple gumdrops (or spice drops, as they are also called). Consider placing them in a candy jar with a lid to keep them protected while on display.


This warm, inviting sweet treat has been a favorite candy for generations of children and adults. A candy featuring caramel on the outside and a creamy white center of fondant is a holiday favorite. This “bulls eye candy” is an American tradition going back to the early 1900s, and you can continue this tradition by offering these individually-wrapped candies to guests.


Any candy that has the word “honey” in its name is sure to be a hit. That may help explain why this honey-inspired candy has been a favorite for so many years! Like its name suggests, each bite of this chewy taffy has a little bit of honey flavor, which is unique among nostalgic candies. It also contains almond bits for a touch of crunchy goodness.


Invented in the 1700s, licorice is a candy that you either love or strongly dislike, and it’s been that way for its entire existence. For those who love its taste, you can find colorful licorice mix assortments to serve along with other popular vintage-style candies.

Lemon Drops

Pucker up and get ready to enjoy an amazing combination of tart lemon blended with sugary sweetness. Anyone who grew up picking out lemon hard candies from an assortment is going to love having an opportunity to indulge their nostalgic desire for this lemony favorite.

Root Beer Barrel Candy

Be sure to have some root beer barrels around the house! This old-fashioned candy has been winning over candy lovers for generations, and it still has that one-of-a-kind root beer taste that fans of root beer can’t get enough of. You may also want to serve up some candy root beer floats!

Filled Raspberry Candy

You can be sure that a candy dish filled with the fruity goodness of raspberry hard candies featuring a soft, flavorful raspberry center are not going to last long. These are the kind of nostalgic candies that are no longer easy to find, and that makes them even more special.


Anytime there’s a special occasion, it’s time to break out the fancy chocolates, and nonpareils are always a welcome classic. Made of rich dark chocolate and covered in sugar beads, they are uniquely fun to eat.

Jelly Bean

Jelly beans are the classic fun candy that just about everyone loves. These colorful candy beans can be eaten one by one or by the handful. Flavored jelly bean variety packs are always popular among sweet tooths of all ages.

Salt Water Taffy

Taffy candy is a childhood favorite for many people, and your guests are going to appreciate being served an assortment of chewy, gooey goodness in a variety of flavors.

Whichever nostalgic candies you choose, they are sure to delight you and your guests this holiday season.

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