Post Holiday Organization

Decorating for the holidays can be a thrilling endeavor. The brilliance and dazzle of the Christmas tree, lights and other decorations makes the holiday season special. However, when it’s time to take everything down, you want to make sure the items are stored properly. To keep your holiday items safe year after year, you need the right holiday storage containers.

When it comes to Christmas storage bins, some of the things you need to consider are the different types of decorations you have. You always have the option of using plastic totes with lids to organize your decorations. Not only do these come in different sizes to accommodate your storage needs, but they are also water- and dust-proof, so your items are protected no matter where you store them.

In addition to plastic storage totes, there are other storage options you can consider as well. These will ensure that your various decorations are protected and stored properly. Here are some items you need to consider when doing your Christmas organizing.

Wreath Storage Bag

If you happen to have a Christmas wreath that you want to use year after year, then having the right storage product is essential. The Wreath Storage Bag not only fits wreaths up to 24-inches in diameter, but it also keeps them protected from dust and moisture. This bag has handles for easy carrying and can be stored in any part of your home, without taking up a lot of space.

Tree Storage

Speaking of things that take up a lot of space, trying to decide what to do with your artificial Christmas tree can be challenging. Using Christmas tree storage boxes is one option, but if you’re looking for an item that makes it easy to transport your tree from the living room to storage and back again, then you need to consider getting a Christmas Tree Storage Bag.

Not only can this bag hold your Christmas tree, but it also has space for lights, garland and other decorations. The heavy-duty bag will keep all of these items safe from dust and moisture, and the handles make it convenient to carry from one place to another.

Ornament Storage

In addition to needing containers for your tree and wreath, you’ll also need Christmas ornament storage. To prevent breakage while also protecting these decorations from the elements, you might consider getting a Clear Ornament Chest. It can hold up to 54 ornaments, and the case can be stored in the attic, in a closet, in the garage or anywhere else you place your Christmas decorations.

Another option you might consider includes an underbed storage bag. Like the ornament chest, this option has separate compartments to keep your decorations safe, but it’s flatter so it will easily slide under your bed or into tight spaces in any other place in your home.

Getting Your House Ready for the New Year

Christmas is an exciting time that requires decorations to capture the holiday spirit, but when you’re ready to declutter your home for the new year, you need the right products. If you find yourself wondering how to organize Christmas decorations, the answer is Miles Kimball. With our selection of storage options, you are sure to find the products that will keep your Christmas decorations safe when not in use. Check out our site today!

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