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Ingenious Furniture Accessories from Miles Kimball

Sometimes all that’s needed to solve a home or furniture problem is a product that starts with a good idea. Miles Kimball’s selection of furniture accessories feature some of the most functional and practical furniture accessories and must-have products that you didn’t even know you needed. Are you looking for a hard-to-find furniture accessory? We specialize in these super-unique furniture products and furniture accessories that are ingenious and purely practical.

Furniture Savers, Floor Savers, Furniture Pads and More

Extend the life of your floors and your furniture. With furniture socks and furniture saver accessories, you’ll keep your furniture’s fabric — and your floors — looking new. Furniture socks save your floors from scuffs, scratches and scraping — they also silence those squeaky chairs, so you don’t have to fuss at family members who drag their chairs to and from the table. Our furniture pads are also great to quickly and easily keep furniture, chairs, tables and more from damaging laminate or hardwood flooring.

Clever Armchair Organizers, Grips and Slipcover Securers

Keep everything organized and in one place with our clever organization solutions from Miles Kimball. Shop slipcover grip pads, armchair caddies in either soft or long-wearing leather fabrics, slipcover tuck grips and upholstery twist pins. We have those product solutions that you’ve been looking for — all at affordable prices.

Practical Products for Your Home

Looking for more ingenious products for your home? For the best high-quality lighting and lighting accessories, rugs and doormats, tables and rockers or storage and organization products, look no further than Miles Kimball. We specialize in unique products and affordable finds for your home. We have something for everyone, including great gifts for yourself or for friends and family members. While you’re here, be sure to check out our personalized kitchen items, including some of the best kitchen gadgets you’ll find anywhere. Stop back often to browse our ever-changing special offers, our sale and clearance products as well as the best personalized gifts you’ll find online!

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