3 Easy Tips: How to Improve Your Mental Health

Are you unhappy? Feeling alone or blue? You’re not alone. Depression and poor mental health have become increasingly common in today’s world. According to dosomething.org, more than 43 million Americans struggle with mental illness. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Because they may experience many challenges in their lives, older adults are often a group that struggles the most with depression and poor mental health. They’re often less able to get out of their homes as well as they used to, which may lead to increased isolation. They may also begin to reflect on their lives, which can possibly cause regrets. In addition, they may begin to experience loss of their peers by old age. There’s a lot going on in the world of older adults that can affect how they feel.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

To stave off the blues, it is important to take care of your mental health. That means taking time for you, making good choices in your everyday life and surrounding yourself with positive people who nurture your well-being. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you improve your mental health. Below are some tips for improved mental health that are easy to apply in your life, helping you stay positive, connected and mentally well in the following years.

Picture of and elderly women writing in a journal

Keep a Journal

Sometimes putting your thoughts down on paper can help you sort through them and make sense of any doubts, confusion or depressed feelings you may be experiencing. Journaling also helps you boost your sense of well-being, working both the left side of your brain (the analytical side) and the right side of your brain (the creative side). Sometimes just writing about what’s going on in your life, how you feel about it and what you can do to mitigate any confusing, scary or anxiety-producing feelings can help.

Some of the best mental health advice is to try to start your journaling with statements like “I want” or “I feel.” Keep your thoughts in the present tense and take a deep dive into those feelings. Investigate why you feel the way you do and how these feelings can be minimized. For example, if you’re experiencing anxiety about an upcoming social get-together or a class reunion, you can start by recognizing and writing down those thoughts, such as, “I’m feeling anxious about my 50th class reunion because I am nervous about seeing old acquaintances and friends after so many years.” Then, acknowledge the fears you have about the situation: “I’m afraid I won’t have anyone to sit with,” or “I’m afraid I will be judged by what I have done, or haven’t done, in my life.” After reflecting on everything that you’re afraid of, you can create solutions for those fears that can help you deflect them, reducing their effect. “I can reach out to a couple of old friends and make plans to meet them before any events, so I won’t be alone.”

Purchasing a pretty or colorful journal can make this self-reflective journey more exciting, too. Check out our journals at Miles Kimball for a convenient place to jot your feelings, your fears and your thoughts, making sense out of them and making them more manageable.

Picture of a women knitting

Knitting, Sewing or Crocheting

Much has been made of mindfulness and the importance of quieting our minds. The act of sitting and focusing on the task at hand can be soothing and can stave off those depressive thoughts. In crocheting and knitting, the act of counting rows and stitches can be soothing in itself: at that moment, nothing else matters except for that row, that stitch and that loop. These quiet yet creative activities also let you have that selfish “me” time, which for some can be difficult, especially when so much of our lives have been spent taking care of others.

Think of knitting, sewing or crocheting as a mental health exercise. Crafts also take time away from your phone, tablet or other devices, all which have been proven to be detrimental to our brains and our mental health. Miles Kimball has a great selection of sewing, knitting and other crafting essentials, such as sewing machines, organizational items for hobbyists and fun gifts for those who love to craft.

Getting Organized

Clutter is proven to drag us down. The opposite, a neat, clean and organized space, is also proven to help boost our moods. Not knowing where you put your keys, your remote or a book can be stress inducing. Leaving items laying around can also lead to slips and falls. Having a lot of clutter around you is also bad for your allergies: knick-knacks are notorious dust collectors. In addition, people who live with a lot of clutter can be self-conscious about it. This can lead to keeping visitors, guests and family members at arms’ length, and can quickly lead to isolation.

Sometimes staying organized is easier said than done, however, especially if you are limited on storage space and lack handy organization items. Sometimes just incorporating some simple yet clever items to improve your storage can help you get your home in order. Miles Kimball has a great selection of unique storage and organization items that can help! Over the door storage racks can help eliminate clutter on the floors of your closets, in your pantries and in your linen closets. Shelf dividers can help organize towels, clothing and other items. Wooden shoe racks can help keep your shoes organized and will prevent them from becoming scattered all over the floor. When you’re seeking to become more organized, Miles Kimball has great storage and organization solutions!

Stay Mentally Healthy and Happy

Caring for mental health isn’t always easy, but it is 100% worth it. With our easy solutions to help boost your mood and to help care for yourself, you can stay mentally healthy and happy for years to come!

5 Easy Summer Heat Hacks: Stay Cool this Summer

Hot Summer Days
Those Hot Summer Days Can Be a Challenge

The dark and cold winter days made us long for the warmth of the summer sun. Now that we’re in those dog days of summer, reality has set in. It’s hot! At Kimball Corner, we’ve put together some summer heat hacks that will help you beat that heat and stay comfortable when those temperatures soar.

#1 Heat Hack: Use Cooling Items to Stay Comfortable at Night

Sometimes, the toughest part of the summer heat is getting comfortable at night when you go to bed. This is even tougher if there is no air conditioning in your home; the heat can really damper a good night’s sleep. Miles Kimball has some great products that will help you stay comfortable at night and escape that heat of the day. Sheets made of 100% cotton often have a soothing, cool touch when you crawl into bed at night. A light sheet and blanket will also help; no need to have that comforter on-hand during those summer months. A cooling under sheet will also help you stay comfortable. Our cool-to-the-touch Simply Cool Under Sheet uses cooling technology that feels amazing when your room is hot. This product is also a great barrier between your cotton sheets and your mattress. Mattresses often contain materials that can cause discomfort in the summer (think hot memory foam). Another way you can stay cool is to take a cool shower before bedtime, dry off lightly and go to bed when slightly damp, while a quality oscillating fan circulates the air in your room. Cooling pillow wraps also add a measure of comfort to your nighttime routine.

#2 Heat Hack: Opt for Cool, Comfortable Clothing

Staying cool during the summer days can also be challenging when the temperatures are high. When you’re choosing your clothing for the day, opt for cotton fabrics that are cooling and comfortable to beat that summer heat. Loose-fitting clothing is a must-have in your closet, as are comfortable undergarments. Miles Kimball has you covered in both areas. Check out our selection of cool, comfortable clothes, like our Poly Knit Lounger by Sawyer Creek and Cool Comfort Clogs . These items not only keep you comfortable during the heat of the day, they are available in colorful styles that look great when company drops by.

Cool, Comfortable and Stylish

Comfortable, non-binding undergarments are also important — particularly bras. Miles Kimball has cooling bras that will help keep that heat away from your body with thoughtful mesh fabrics, while providing support that you need throughout your day. Opt for our Easy Comforts Style™ Mesh Cooling Comfort Bra or the easy-on Easy Comforts Style™ Cooling Zip Front Bra. To help alleviate moisture underneath the bust, our Cotton Bra Liners are available in convenient sets of three. We also have a great selection of cooling socks and leg items, such as our Cooling Therapy Knee High Socks.  For tired legs after a long day, don’t miss our Cold Gel Calf Wraps, which can be refrigerated to provide cooling support to your legs.

#3 Heat Hack: Keep the Heat Out During the Day

It is often tough to keep your home cool during the day. This might be the most important summer heat hack of them all, especially if your home is not air conditioned. Keeping your windows open at night and closed during the day will help you stay comfortable and those temperatures down. This trick will keep cooler temps “trapped” inside your home. During the day, deflect the hot summer sun, which can cause the temperatures within your home to soar. A good pair of insulated window panel curtains is a must-have during the summer months (as well as the winter months, too!). Check out our Microfiber Energy Saving Curtains in a wide range of colors to help your home remain cool throughout the hot summer days. Leave your fans running to help keep that cool air moving during the day. At night when the sun goes down and the temperatures drop a bit, open your curtains and your windows to ease discomfort and stuffiness in your home. The old-fashioned trick of placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan is a great way to keep cooler air moving, too.

#4 Heat Hack: Add Cooling Items to Seats

Individuals who lack mobility face special challenges during the summer. For those who are homebound and are confined to chairs and wheelchairs, the summer can be particularly uncomfortable. Miles Kimball has ways to keep your seating from overheating during the day.

Adding a cooling pad to a chair, a recliner or a wheelchair can help keep your bottom cool. Cooling gel technology adds comfort to your seating areas. These versatile pads are also portable: add them to the seat of your car to keep you comfortable when running errands or taking road trips during the heat of the summer day.

#5 Heat Hack: Choose No-Bake Meals and Stay Hydrated

Sometimes during the heat of summer, it is tough to think about cooking. The heat of the oven can really cause your indoor temperatures to rise. For this reason, think about no-bake meals that are healthy and filling. Fruits and raw veggies are great ways to stay sated and hydrated. Check out our large section of Microwave Cookware, these gadgets make no-bake cooking a breeze.

Be sure to drink water throughout the day, too. Adding ice to 100% fruit juice and water will cool you down from the inside out. Our Polar Ice™ Cube No Spill Honeycomb Ice Tray is a great way to have ice that is easy to access when you need it. Freeze cucumber slices, fruit and other tasty items to your ice cubes for a cooling treat.

Summer: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Although they may be uncomfortable, summer days are fleeting. If you’re able, now is a great time to get out and enjoy the warm days and soak up the vitamin D, replenishing those depleted vitamin levels in your body that may have dropped during the dark winter months. Enjoy these summer days and apply our tips to help you manage the heat of summer.

Thank you for reading our Blog. Feel free to comment with your favorite summer heat hacks and please share on your favorite social media outlet.

Until Next Time,

Your Friends at Kimball Corner