Honk Honk! It’s Goose Week!

Welcome to Miles Kimball’s very first Goose Week. This week we celebrate the adorable fun our Goose Outfits bring to our customers doorsteps. They’re cute, clever and sure to put a smile not only on your face, but also your passing neighbors face! Each day we will be offering 50% Off on a specific goose outfit! So make sure to look each day to see if your favorite outfit will be discounted. Check it out here! Shop for humorous costumes, holiday outfits, seasonal sensations and more.

Best of all we are offering a Goose Week Sweepstakes that will include a Grand Prize, Second Place Prize and Third Place Prize. Each prize was picked perfectly for you to enjoy each goose outfit for all the seasons! Enter the contest here!

Lastly, check out Miles Kimball Facebook if you would like to partake in a vote on 9/5/2019. The votes are made up of previous Goose Outfit that Miles Kimball used to offer in their Goose Wardrobe! All you have to do is comment the alphabetic letter of the Goose Outfit you would like to see back on our website! We will then choose the winner and get that Goose Outfit in our wardrobe as soon as possible. While you are there feel free to like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram page.

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize consisting of 2 Large White Geese and 12 Outfits (Pictured above)

Second Place Prize

The Second Place Prize consists of 1 Large White Goose and 6 Outfits (Pictured above)

Third Place Prize

The Third Place Prize consists of a new product that Miles Kimball will be introducing later in September. This will be our Seasonal Goose Notecards, Set of 24. The Notecards are dressed to to celebrate all four seasons throughout the year! Simply adorable, and only found here, the set of 24 holiday cards includes 4 of each colorful design: “Happy Spring!”, “God Bless America!”, “Thankful For You!” and “Seasons Greeting!”. Blank space inside the greeting cards allows plenty of room to write your own special note, whether sending Easter blessings, catching up on Patriotic holidays, expressing gratitude on Thanksgiving, or wishing friends and family a merry Christmas season.

Sweepstakes end on September 9th @ 11:59pm. Winners will be announced on September 10th @ 9:00am on Miles Kimball Facebook page & will be emailed

Goose Outfit Craze

p349511_2xEveryone’s getting in on the goose outfit craze this holiday season giving the perfect outfit to dress a ceramic goose in an outfit for every occasion, climate, and activity as a present to those on their shopping list. At Miles Kimball, we have something for everyone and every budget including a wide assortment of fun outfits to keep garden geese looking great in your garden.

Whether it’s a Christmas gift, something you are purchasing for yourself, or you are looking for a creative gift to give to family and friends throughout the year, these delightful outfits are sure to make everyone smile. At Miles Kimball, we’re your one-stop-shop for garden goose outfits.

From the ceramic goose itself to the clothes it wears, you’ll find something for every holiday including Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Why not dress your goose as Frankenstein or a pumpkin this Halloween or celebrate Thanksgiving with a boy or girl pilgrim outfit complete with a pilgrim hat or bonnet. Spreading cheer during the holidays is easy with a goose dressed up as Santa Claus or an elf, and you’ll find the perfect ensembles to do it at Miles Kimball.

At Miles Kimball, we carry a fun assortment of complete sets to celebrate warmer weather and bring your garden to life without breaking the bank. You’ll find everything from a lifeguard ensemble with sunglasses and a hat to a cheerful scarecrow outfit complete with a hat and straw.

Use the convenient search functions located on every page to narrow results by holiday, season, and more or browse our entire selection for new and fun outfit ideas to show your love for this adorable goose dressing sensation.