Personalized School Supplies

Back to School with Personalized Pencils & Other School Supplies

Getting kids ready for the upcoming school year is always an exciting time for kids and adults. What will your kids’ new classrooms look like? What will they be learning? Will their friends be in their classes? And of course, there’s back-to-school shopping to do — who can forget that?

Help make sure your children or grandchildren are ready and excited for the new school year with personalized pencils, backpacks, journals and other customized school supplies they’ll be excited to use. If you’re looking for personalized gifts for kids, school supplies that feature their names are a great way to help them start the school year off on the right foot.

Make It Fun with Miles Kimball

At Miles Kimball, we make back-to-school season fun with personalized school supplies. Sure, ordinary pencils, backpacks and other supplies are great, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t think a little bit outside the box when choosing those school essentials. We make finding the newest and best school supplies easy and affordable with awesome products for kids, including personalized school gear that they’ll want to show off to their friends.

Personalized Pencils

Pencils are likely at the top of your list for back-to-school shopping. Although pencils are essential items, the truth is that they can be, well, boring. We’ll let you in on a little secret: They don’t have to be! Personalized pencils are a great way to kick off the new school year with a bit of fun. There’s no need to settle for ordinary pencils when you can mix it up with personalized pencils that are available here in vibrant colors and sport your kids’ or grandkids’ names.

In our experience, kids love things that are all theirs, and custom pencils are a super-easy way to kick off your back-to-school shopping. Choose from a fantastic range of colors and patterns, including God foil personalized pencils, holographic custom pencils and camouflage pencils.  How about adding a personalized pencil case to your personalized pencil purchase? We have cute pencil cases that are colorful and fun, from cool camouflage pencil cases (to match our camouflage pencils, of course!) to sports pencil cases for the all-star in your life.

Personalized Backpacks

A new backpack or tote bag is a staple in back-to-school shopping. It’s also a way for a child to express his or her personality. There is no shortage of backpacks available in big-box stores and department stores, but at Miles Kimball, we offer a fun spin on this carryall classic with personalized backpacks.

We offer choices for both boys and girls in bright colors and prints that are guaranteed to be the envy of their classmates. These customized backpacks make great personalized gifts for girls and boys who are getting ready for the new schoolyear, whether they want a princess backpack, a truck backpack, a cool superhero tote bag or one of our other carryall options.

Personalized School Journals

Each school year is unique, with different experiences, lessons and teachers. Make sure to document the upcoming year so they will be able to look back on it with fondness.

Our Personalized School Days Book is the perfect place to keep track of fun times, noteworthy events, photos, report cards and extra-special assignments that they are proud of. Appropriate for all grades — from pre-K to 12th grade — this journal is essential when it comes to capturing special moments and preserving keepsakes so they won’t be forgotten.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent or other special adult in a child’s life, there are personalized gifts for kids of all ages at Miles Kimball! Don’t miss all the boys’ and girls’ personalized items in our inventory. Each item is custom made to order and is sure to bring a smile to your special kid’s face, whether it’s back-to-school time or all year long.

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Healthy Brain Means More To Gain

Unfinished puzzle of human head, pieces of brain are yet to be put in place

A healthy brain means more to gain! As you grow older, your brain is going to change. Although some mental decline is to be expected, there are steps you can take to slow that decline and decrease the risk of developing dementia. Proper brain care can even improve mental acuity over time. These tips can —  and should — be practiced by people of all ages. Miles Kimball offers unique and affordable products to help you keep your brain in shape.

1) Exercise Regularly

Exercise not only maintains your physical fitness, but it improves your brain fitness, too. Blood flow to your brain increases during physical activity, which research shows can help counter the natural decline in brain connections. Over time, physical activity can lessen and even reverse some of the mental consequences of aging.

Exercising for 30 to 60 minutes several times a week can improve cognitive function and lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. You can get exercise by running, swimming, playing sports or even by walking around your neighborhood. If you need walking support, such as knee braces, ankle compression sleeves or mobility aids, you’ll find them at Miles Kimball, along with an assortment of at-home fitness tools and monitors.

Woman sleeping for brain health

2) Get Plenty of Rest

The importance of sleep can’t be underestimated. Restful sleep helps clear abnormal brain proteins, improves memory, boosts concentration, reduces stress hormones and has other benefits for brain function.

Getting seven to eight consecutive hours of sleep every night, rather than two to three hour naps, is most beneficial. If you suffer from sleep apnea or other sleep conditions, Miles Kimball has an assortment of sleeping aids that can help. Order a CPAP mask, snoring mouthpiece, calming medicine or light-blocking blindfolds to help you rest.

3) Stay Mentally Active

Much like your biceps or calves, the brain is a muscle. If you don’t use muscles, they get weaker over time. Puzzles, games and activities that engage your brain will improve cognitive function and keep it in shape. You should aim to incorporate a variety of activities into your day to work different aspects of brain function.

Shop at Miles Kimball for active activities, such as crossword books, word searches, Sudoku, card games and jigsaw puzzles for adults. Try to limit passive activities, such as watching TV, since they don’t stimulate the brain as much.

4) Eat Healthy

When you put good things into your body, you get good things out of it. A healthy diet will improve brain function by providing the nutrients it needs. Plus, healthy eating gives you more energy and improves sleep, making it easier to take other steps to improve your health.

Some of the best brain foods include nuts, seeds, avocados, blueberries, fish, green leafy vegetables and eggs. Try to limit your consumption of sugar, fatty oils, alcohol, fried foods and red meat. If you’re craving something sweet, try dark chocolate. Shop our food department for healthy snacks and treats to stock in your kitchen cupboard.

Two women and two men playing pool is a healthy brain activity

5) Stay Social

Research shows that living a solitary life increases the risk of depression, stress, memory loss and general brain atrophy. Look for opportunities to connect with friends and loved ones or make new friends in your community. Join a book club, host a game night, watch football with a group or call a few people each week. Remaining socially active will keep your brain strong and will help you feel happier overall.

Small Home Design

Small home design is no easy task when you’re faced with cramped rooms, tiny closets and narrow bathrooms. It becomes a lot harder to figure out where everything should go.

Don’t fret, though — there are plenty of ways to make the most of modest areas. Miles Kimball has put together five design ideas for small spaces, along with affordable products and unique finds to turn these ideas into your reality. Read on to learn why we’ve been chosen by families to decorate and furnish their homes since 1935.

Picture showing a living room furnished with a couch, coffee table, and clear floor space.

Small Home Design Tips & Tricks

1) Keep the Floor Clear

When there isn’t a lot of space to begin with, you need to keep as much of the floor clear as possible. You can limit the amount of furniture in the room and place large objects around the perimeter instead of in the center.

If the room requires larger items, such as shelves, think vertically instead of horizontally. Over-door storage provides a convenient place to hang coats, handbags, books and food containers without using a single inch of floor space. Our Over-the-Door Storage Racks and Over-the-Door Hanger Set are great solutions, creating valuable back-of-door storage space.

2) Add Extra Lighting

Good lighting will make a space feel brighter, larger and more inviting. You can allow in as much natural light as possible through a window or add light fixtures to brighten up a space. Table and floor lamps, such as our Read Anywhere Lamp, provide a warm glow. If you don’t have the floor space for a lamp, consider pendant lights, sconces or other hanging and wall lights.

Picture showing a living room layout furnished with compact furniture that serve multiple purposes.

3) Use Multifunctional Furniture Designed for Small Spaces

Compact furniture is a great way to save floor space, especially if the furniture performs more than one function. Shop for multipurpose furniture, such as ottomans with storage compartments or kids’ chairs that double as footstools. Folding furniture and rolling furniture, like our Tray Table With Wheels, also make great space-saving solutions. When not in use, this furniture can easily be moved or stored, freeing up room for other activities.

4) Design with Mirrors

Mirrors are great for small spaces, reflecting natural and artificial light around the room. Not only does this make the room brighter, but it also creates the illusion of more space. You can hang one large mirror or several smaller mirrors to achieve a noteworthy effect. High-shine reflective materials like glossy tiles, lacquered white wall paint and polished marble countertops achieve a similar effect.

Picture shows a sitting area with many plants and flowers in the space.

5) Design With Plants and Flowers

Greenery is one of the best ways to add beauty, liveliness and style to a space. A few plants in a space will make you feel as a good inside as you do relaxing outside on a summer day. Just be careful not to overcrowd the space with plants, as this will make a small space feel cramped.

If you lack a green thumb and are worried about tending to your plants, artificial hanging flower baskets are another lovely option. Faux indoor plants, such as the Mysterious Air Fern®, OakRidge™ Fully Assembled Spider Basket, OakRidge™ Artificial Pothos Hanging Basket Planter and OakRidge™ False Fern Hanging Planter Basket, offer natural-looking charm without needing water or sunlight.

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Colorful Garden Ideas

Colorful garden.

Adding Color to Your Outdoor Garden Spaces

Spending time outdoors is essential for your health and happiness. With a vibrant landscape, you’ll look forward to getting outside. A colorful garden is a great way to impress guests and wow neighbors, making your home the place to be when the weather warms up.

If you want to see more than greenery when you step outside, Miles Kimball can help. We’ve come up with the five best ways to add color to outdoor spaces and we also offer lots of affordable outdoor décor items so you can bring your vision to life. You’ll be able to infuse your landscape with every color of the rainbow, while remaining on a budget, with our unique finds.

1) Flowering Plants and Colorful Pots

Begin your journey to a colorful landscape by keeping things natural. Beautiful flowers and plants come in every imaginable color. With the right seeds, roll-out flower mats or bare-root plants, you can cultivate small pops of color or a sweeping outdoor art scene. Planting your flowers in brightly colored pots is another way to create a dynamic outdoor space. If you don’t have the gardening skills to tend to real flowers or if you want year-round blooms, artificial planters and hanging baskets will also enliven your yard.

Colorful garden chairs.

2) Colorful Garden Outdoor Furniture

You’ll need a place to sit if you want to relax outside, so you might as well make your seating area a focal point of the outdoor space. Instead of another bland, tan armchair or white lounger, get furniture that’s blue, yellow or orange. Adding simple cushions to your current outdoor chairs or setting the patio table with a printed vinyl outdoor tablecloth can make a big difference visually. When the weather gets cold or rainy, some striped outdoor furniture covers will continue to distinguish your tables and chairs.

3) Colorful Garden Wind Spinners and Yard Décor

Metal wind spinners are an underrated way to make landscapes livelier. Their colorful designs are even more vibrant when the wind blows and their blades rotate and gleam under the sun. In addition to traditional outdoor decorations, like sunflower wind spinners and spiral wind spinners, we offer creative décor to brighten your yard. Just watch the Giant Flower Wind Spinner or Biking Kitten Spinner Stake in action to see how delightful they can be on a blustery day. Yard flags, decorative garden stakes, figurines and bird feeders are other unique ways to make your landscape more colorful.

Colorful garden decoration.

4) Outdoor Lighting

You can entertain long after the sun goes down with weatherproof outdoor lights. Some of them look so good you’ll want to keep them hanging during the day, too. You can keep it simple with traditional hanging lights and candle lamps or be bold by installing LED flower stakes, butterfly clip lights, spiral string lights and multicolored lanterns. By getting solar-powered lights that store energy from the sun, you won’t need to spend a cent on electricity.

5) Walls and Entryways

Adding color to garden walls, front yard fences or patio entryways will set the tone for the rest of your landscape. Paint these areas with a solid, eye-catching color to serve as a backdrop for plants and dining areas or create a mural for a fun and whimsical setting. Outdoor wall hangers and fence sitters are a fun, temporary alternative to paint. Use floral, bird-themed, patriotic and holiday welcome signs as year-round or seasonal outdoor décor.

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What’s Old is New – Furniture Preservation

Wood Furniture Preservation

New: Miles Kimball Has Products for Furniture Preservation

The furniture in your home is more than just functional. It also adds to the aesthetic value of your space. If you have antique furniture that has been handed down for generations, it can also hold memories of good times spent with loved ones. To ensure that your pieces continue to look good for a long time and can be used on a daily basis, you need to protect and maintain them. To that end, we’ve included a few furniture preservation tips for your treasured home furniture.

The Importance of Antique Furniture Preservation

No matter what type of antique furniture you have, whether it’s a kitchen table, couch, chairs, coffee table or other item, you want them to look good and last for as long as possible. To do this, you need to take care of them. If your items happen to have some scratches or dings, the first thing you might consider is doing some wood furniture restoration.

When it comes to furniture refinishing and repair, the most important step you can take is to oil and wax regularly. This may not completely rid the surface of the characteristics that have been added through the years, but it will make it shiny. In addition, the oil and was also add a protective layer, reducing the chances of new scratches and dents appearing in the surface.

Other options you might consider when it comes to preserving wood is to make sure you use the right cleaning products. You should be dusting your wood items on a regular basis with a soft, dry cloth, and microfiber cloths can help with that endeavor.

Products for Antique Furniture Preservation

After you have gone through the process of restoring your furniture finish, you’ll then want to protect your items. There are many different products that can help with furniture preservation, including the following:

Table Covers

When it comes to antique tables, adding table covers will help protect them from scratches, nicks and spills. If your table is exposed to a lot of light, a table cover is essential to keep the wood from fading or drying out.

Furniture Socks

The legs of your antique furniture can incur damage as well. To reduce the chances of this happening, add furniture socks to your table and chairs. These not only protect your antique furniture, but the prevent floors from harm as well.

Chair Cushions

To protect the chairs around your dining table, you might consider adding some cushions. Not only will these reduce the chances of the surface getting damaged, but it will also make them incredibly comfortable for people to sit on.

Chair Furniture Preservation

Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are a great way to protect antique couches and chairs. When it comes to wrappings for furniture, you have the option of covering all or part of your furniture. Any option you choose can help protect against fading from the sun, spills or wear and tear from constant use.

Furniture Savers

Another option is furniture savers. These vinyl-covered accessories prevent sagging that comes with age and use. Your furniture will feel new when you add furniture savers under the cushions.

Furniture That Lasts a Lifetime and Beyond

Having “old” furniture can add some personality and style to your home. After you’ve gone through the process of antique restoration, you need to maintain and protect your items so that they last for a long time. At Miles Kimball, we have a variety of products to choose from, so start shopping today!

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New Year, New Hobbies

Crafting materials for new hobbies.

A new year gives you the chance to make improvements to your life. If you’ve been thinking about picking up some new hobbies, now is the best time. Not only will hobbies keep you busy, but they can also help relieve stress, improve skills you already possess and increase your knowledge.

If you are curious about what type of hobbies to pick up, there are numerous options to choose from. Here at Miles Kimball, we want to see you become the best person possible, so we have some hobby ideas for you to consider, as well as the supplies you’ll need to get started.

New Hobbies to Consider

If you are ready to learn a new hobby this year, here are some of the things you’ll want to consider. Remember, the goal of engaging in hobbies is to help you relax and learn new skills, so look for something that is challenging but enjoyable.

Sewing Hobbies

If you’re looking for creative hobby ideas for adults, one thing you might consider is taking up sewing. There are different projects you can make, and each one will keep you busy for as long as you want. You can choose simpler crafts such as latch hook projects, or you can get a sewing machine to learn how to make clothes and other items for your home.

You might also consider taking up cross stitching, which can keep you busy for hours or days. No matter which option you choose, sewing will give you the chance to relax and fill you with a sense of accomplishment when you complete a project.

Crafting Hobbies

When it comes to crafting hobbies for adults, there are several options to consider. You might think about taking up painting. Looking for a less messy alternative? Try drawing or coloring in adult coloring books, which allows you to still create masterpieces without the mess.

If you find that coloring isn’t really your thing, then you might look into sticker by number options. Again, you’ll be able to create amazing pictures, while also reducing stress and exercising your brain at the same time!

Baking Hobbies

If you’re looking for fun hobbies for couples, why not get into baking? This is a great way to spend some quality time together and create some delectable treats and dishes. For the best outcomes, make sure you have the right baking accessories.

Man and woman baking together,

Play Games

When looking for other at home hobbies for couples, you might consider playing games. Again, this will encourage quality time spent with your loved one, and it may even bring out the competitive side in the both of you. Playing games is a great way to bond and create memories, as well as relax and increase knowledge.

The Best Hobby

When it comes to finding the best hobby ideas for adults, there are many different options to choose from. You want to find something that will keep you engaged and interested, but don’t be afraid to try out several hobbies and interests before finding the one (or more!) that you truly enjoy. To ensure you have the right products for your hobby, don’t forget to shop at Miles Kimball!

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Top Kitchen Gadgets

Two of the most important and time-consuming tasks you take on during the day include cooking and cleaning. These tasks have to be done, but they don’t have to be daunting. That’s when using top kitchen & cleaning gadgets are a must.

At Miles Kimball, we know how valuable your time is, and we want to make sure you’re making amazing food and making your house sparkle without completely exhausting yourself in the process. We offer a wide variety of gadgets for your kitchen, but we are most proud of our time-saving gadgets. If you’re looking for useful kitchen appliances that make cooking and cleaning a breeze, we have what you need.

Top Kitchen Gadgets

Food, family and friends go together, and cooking is something you do on a daily basis — sometimes multiple times throughout the day. To make the process easy, make sure you have the right products, including the ones listed below:

Baking Utensils

Once your treats have come out of the oven, you want to be able to serve them easily. In the past, you had to scoop cookies off the tray one at a time, but with the Mega Scoop, you can grab several at once. This ensures that everyone gets their goodies as soon as possible.

Mini Chopper

When it comes to time-saving technology, one gadget you should consider adding to your kitchen is a mini chopper. This appliance may be small, but it’s mighty — and it’s easy to use. Whether you are making salsa, chopping up nuts to put in baked goods or engaging in any other chopping or blending task, this mini chopper can handle it.

Onion Chopper

Onions can be a pain to chop, unless you get an Onion Chopper. This is one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can have; it’s easy to use, chops onions and other items uniformly, is quick to clean and small enough to store on your countertop.

Multifunction Slicer

During your cooking endeavors, you may find that you need to cut up some fruits for a healthy snack or to add to pies. If you’re looking for some technology for saving time and money, getting the 3-in-1 Multifunction Slicer is a good option. With three blades to choose from, including a pitted fruit slicer, basic slicer and apple slicer, you’ll have all the tools you need to cut fruit up quickly and easily.

Top Cleaning Gadgets

Cleaning your house with a family is tough, but it doesn’t have to take up your entire day. With the right essentials in the kitchen and throughout the rest of your home, cleanup can be quick and easy.

When it comes to taking care of small messes and/or cleaning while on the go, a sweeper is beneficial. For carpeted areas, the Bissel® Carpet Sweeper can pick up dirt, food particles, pet hair and more. To clean on hardwood, laminate or tile floors, you need the Magic Sweeper.

Gadgets that Save Time

Cooking and cleaning are two tasks that can take up a lot of your time during the day. However, with the right products, you can save yourself a lot of hassle. At Miles Kimball, we have many different products to make cooking and cleaning as easy as possible. Check out our selection today!

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2021 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Top Gift Ideas

Top Gift Ideas for 2021: Unique, Exclusive Items

The internet has changed the way we choose our gifts. It also has radically offered new and more insightful products from which to choose. The top holiday gifts ideas for friends, family and co-workers are literally at your fingertips when you shop at Miles Kimball. You’ll find something for everyone on your list in our online inventory, including unique, exclusive products that can’t be found in any department store or big box stores. We’re highlighting a few of our favorite gifts from Miles Kimball that have been tried-and-true favorites for thousands of our customers. These 2021 Gift Guide ideas include some of our best-sellers that are guaranteed to be a hit with your family and friends.

The Holiday Highlight: Gifts

For Christians, holiday gift-giving goes all the way back to the story of the birth of Jesus, when the Three Wise Men brought their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the town of Bethlehem. Today’s gift-giving, particularly beginning in the 20th century, has become not only a Christian tradition, but a secular tradition as well.

No matter where they live and who their culture speaks of as the “gift giver” (whether it is Santa Claus the Americas, Los Reyes Magos in Spain, Christkind in Germany or Joulupikki the Yule goat in Finland), people all over the world agonize over Christmas gifts year after year. Some may think about it and plan all year long, thoughtfully choosing their gifts with much care and attention; others wait for the very last minute and make a mad rush to their nearest department store to choose from the shelves’ slim pickings. One thing is certain: Christmas gifts are the highlight of the Christmas season for all!

Christmas-Themed Gifts

Some of the top 2021 gift guide ideas include an item from our “Christmas Made Easy!” Collection, which is our hub for holiday-themed décor, candy and personalized gifts. Take a trip through Ornament Land, where you’ll find the perfect ornament for everyone on your gift list. Personalizing an ornament is a tradition in some of our customers’ families and they come back year after year to customize an ornament with a name and/or a date. Personalized ornaments are a way to build memories that are long-lasting.

Christmas home décor is also a popular choice as top gift ideas at Miles Kimball. We have a fantastic assortment of décor, including personalized items, Christmas kitchen items, cheerful wall décor, holiday lighted displays and more. For those people in your life whose gifts stump you every year, top gift ideas for them could be found by taking an easy virtual stroll through the Miles Kimball Candy Shoppe. Here is where you’ll find some of the best selection of old-fashioned candy favorites.

Top Gifts for Bakers and Cooks

There is someone in all of our lives who loves to bake or cook. If this describes someone you know or love, Miles Kimball has the top gifts for kitchen gurus. Create a small gift basket and include some of our top sellers, such as a fabulous kitchen gadget, some new kitchen towels or a brand-new set of spice measuring spoons. A cookbook is always a great choice as a top gift for someone who loves to bake or cook. Some of the best cookbooks are available here, filled with full-color photos, new meal ideas and easy-to-make weekday dinner ideas.

Great Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, Godchildren: These are some of the most fun-to-shop for folks on your list. Shopping for kids allows you to reminisce about your Christmases as a kid, too — what was your favorite gift? Did you have a special memory? What was your favorite holiday tradition?  Miles Kimball has so many unique kids’ gifts for all ages, including the youngest on your list to those tough-to-buy-for ‘tweens. Shop kids’ apparel and accessories, including personalized tote bags and jewelry. Inspire their inner artists with our craft, activity items and books. We have a great selection of paints, stickers coloring books and crafting items that will keep them busy. Of course, you can’t go wrong with toys. We have nostalgic-style toys, wooden blocks, dolls and other fun toys with which they’ll love to play.

Personalized Gifts

Of course, some of our most popular gift ideas are those that can be personalized. Custom, personalized gifts are some top-selling selections on the Miles Kimball website and there are really some amazing options here for literally everyone on your list. Customization makes any gift more special and ensures that they’ll know you put time and thought into their gift. It may look like a lot of extra effort was put into it, but only you’ll know how easy it was to personalize that gift! Find personalized travel items, custom gifts for animal lovers, children, personalized gifts for him, custom gifts for her and everyone in between!

It has never been easier to find the top gift ideas for everyone on your list. Of course, if you need help choosing the right gift, we’re here to help! Contact us by email, phone or fax and we’ll be able to help out with any part of your gifting journey on our website.

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Personalized Gifts: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Wrapped Personalized Gift Making Child Smile
Personalized Gift Giving

Many gifts given during the Christmas season often aren’t the best-of-the-best: They’re afterthoughts or mass-produced items that are hastily chosen at the very last minute. Finding the perfect Christmas gift is often an overwhelming thought. Today’s busy schedules and hustle and bustle lead to rushed choices, too. Miles Kimball has a world of gifts at your fingertips. Want to make a special gift even better? Personalize it! We are here to help you Find the Perfect Personalized Gift.

Easy Personalized Christmas Gift-Giving at Miles Kimball

There are so many factors and questions that go into choosing the right Christmas gift, including will it be something the recipient likes? Will he or she immediately want to return it? Does it scream, “I waited until the very last minute to buy this?”  At Miles Kimball, we think that your Christmas gift choices should be both simple and thoughtful. There is no better way to make an item more personal than to customize it. Luckily, we make personalizing your Christmas gifts (as well as other special occasion gifts) accessible to all of our customers.

Our personalized gifts offer a special something for everyone on your list, from the youngest members of your friends and family to the oldest. Receiving an item that is personalized makes gift-giving special and unique and ensures that the item is something they’ll treasure, not eventually give away, donate or throw out. Customized gifts also make the recipient feel extra-special, seen and understood.

Personalized Kitchen, Home and Outdoor Gifts

There is something uniquely special about giving a personalized Christmas gift that can be used or displayed inside or outside the home. We offer personalized gifts for the kitchen, personalized home décor and personalized outdoor items that they’re guaranteed to love. Have someone on your list who loves to bake and spend time in the kitchen? Our personalized kitchen gifts include kitchen décor and practical items they can use every day, like our Together is My Favorite Place to Be Wooden Planter Box (which can double as napkin and condiment holders on the dining room table), the Personalized Chef Apron by Sawyer Creek Studio™ and our ever-popular Personalized 2-Quart Stoneware Crock. For home décor, don’t miss our Personalized Floral Slate Plaque. Have someone who loves to decorate their garden? Our personalized outdoor décor is a not-to-miss opportunity to get them something they’ll love to add to their outdoor collection. 

Make Memories with Personalized Photo Albums and Frames

For those who love to fill their lives (and their homes) with photos of loved ones, you can’t go wrong with our Exposures collection of photo albums, pages and personalized photo frames. Whether you purchase an Exposures album and additional pages to create a ready-made memory book for a special occasion like a wedding, a family vacation or a family reunion or you provide them with a blank slate to offer a solution to their organization photo challenges, these are always welcome, thoughtful gifts. Photo frames are available for everyone on your Christmas list: grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, members of the military and kids.

Happy Family Opening Personalized Gifts
Kid’s Love Personalized Gifts

Personalized Kids’ Christmas Gifts

Sometimes it’s the most fun to shop for the youngest people on your Christmas gift list. We have some awesome personalized Christmas gifts for kids. Kids love all sorts of gifts, but gifts with their names on them make these items even more exciting! Shop everything from personalized tote bags and backpacks, Personalized Children’s Rockers, Personalized Children’s Piggy Banks and other kids’ items that they’ll love.

Pet Lovers, Office Essentials and More

There is truly something for everyone in our collection of personalized Christmas gifts at Miles Kimball, including must-haves for pet lovers and our popular personalized calendars and custom stationery. Many of our customers return year after year to purchase a calendar for someone in their life who looks forward to having an up-to-date calendar in their home at the beginning of the new year, particularly one that doubles as a dish towel after the year has passed, like our personalized calendar towels.

Personalization: Easy to Do

Up until recently, it has been both expensive and difficult to personalize a gift. Not anymore! Miles Kimball makes it easy to create a personalized Christmas gift that has been created just for them. When you customize an item with us, it couldn’t be easier. This service has been a Miles Kimball brand hallmark since we first began our business back in 1935; our personalization is still performed in-house.

When shopping our website, just click on the blue “Personalize It” button and follow the prompts. You’ll see clearly how many lines and spaces are available to personalize, and we’re always here to help if you have difficulties or questions during the personalization process. You can also check out our Help and Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to some of the questions we hear most often. Our goal is to personalize the perfect Christmas gift and keep you coming back every year for more! Don’t forget that our personalized gifts are also a perfect choice for everything from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduations. You’ll find custom gifts for all of those occasions here.

Gift giving during the holidays doesn’t have to impersonal, last minute or difficult. Thanks to our personalized gifts at Miles Kimball, you’ll delight your recipient with products that they’ll use, remember and cherish throughout the years.

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Glitter Christmas Ornaments: A Sparkling Addition  

If there is a theme to Christmas décor, it’s that it’s shiny. Foils, glitter, lights: Even the biggest scrooges can’t resist the sparkle of tinsel accents, lighted decorations and string lights that brighten up the landscapes during this most wonderful time of the year. Glitter is something that goes hand-in-hand with Christmas, accenting everything from windows and garland to holiday cards and, our favorite, ornaments.

The History of Glitter

To understand how the popularity of glitter ornaments became such a highlight during the season, you must know a little about the origin of glitter. Nurembürg, Germany, the home of the famous Christkindlesmarkt (said by many to be first Christmas market, dating back to the early 1600s), was the birthplace of glitter’s forerunner, tinsel. Tinsel was invented during this same time as the market’s inception from shards of shredded silver, and was wrapped around lampposts, trees and statues.

Glitter: An All-American Phenomenon

The story from this shiny Christmas holiday decoration to modern glitter leads us across the Atlantic Ocean to a farm in New Jersey, where a German immigrant cut scrap material into tiny pieces in the 1930s. It was first mentioned in a New York Times article in 1942, stating that the city’s residents used it to provide “additional scintillation” to their home and to store windows. It took 30 years for patents to be filed on these special machines that cut foil. Today, glitter is everywhere.

Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Although crafters everywhere have a unique love of glitter all year long, there’s just something special about it during Christmas. Glitter ornaments offer something uniquely special to your Christmas tree, setting off the lights in such a way that is magical. Glitter ornaments reflect the light on your Christmas tree and illuminate your décor, making it absolutely irresistible.

Glitter Ornaments in Ornament Land

The Miles Kimball company’s origins began during Christmas of 1935, so naturally we love the way that glitter can be incorporated into the holiday season. We have dozens of glitter-accented ornaments in Ornament Land that will brighten up your Christmas tree, holiday décor and put you in the mood to celebrate. In Ornament Land, you’ll find a delightful assortment of glitter ornaments. This assortment includes our famous personalized name and date ornaments. It also includes a wide range of glitter-accented ornaments that feature Christmas favorites like stockings, Christmas trees and Santa hats.

Glitter Glass Ball Ornaments

Glitter ornaments are a popular choice for personalized gifts here at Miles Kimball, particularly our personalized glass ball glitter ornaments. Our Personalized Name OR Date Glitter Ornament lets you choose between several colors of classic glass ball ornaments, including blue, gold, green or red, and allows you to personalize these ornaments with your choice of either a name (up to 12 letters and/or spaces) or a date with glitter. This option is perfect for a themed tree for kids, grandkids and/or pets, or allows you to purchase a themed ornament that commemorates a specific year. Another popular option is our Personalized Name AND Date Glitter Ornament, which allows you to highlight both the year and an individual’s name. This double-sided glitter ornament option is not only a fantastic option for your Christmas tree, it makes an extra-special gift for everyone from friends and family to co-workers. These thoughtful personalized glitter ornaments are Miles Kimball best-sellers for good reasons! They’re beautiful, welcoming and allow you to personalize your tree with sparkling shine that is guaranteed to be enjoyed all season long.

Glitter Christmas Accent Ornaments

Celebrate traditional scenes and signs of the season with glitter-accented ornaments that feature Christmas favorites, such as Christmas stockings and Santa hats. Stockings and Santa hats are Christmas décor items that are everywhere during this time of year — from the heads of carolers on the snowy streets to stair bannisters and fireplace hearths. They are also perfect with which to trim your tree, especially when they have glittering accents and personalized features. Our Personalized Birthstone Glitter Stocking Ornament makes a great gift; you can personalize it with not only a name, but a birthstone color as well. The brightly colored glitter corresponds with the owner’s birthstone, such as amethyst purple for February birthdays, emerald green for May and aquamarine blue for March — just to name a few. These Santa stockings are also available in “plain,” where they’re personalized with a name and come in the traditional Christmas red. Love Santa hats? Then our Personalized Santa Hat Glitter Ornament is a must-have. It is personalized with both the name of your choice (one line, up to 12 letters/spaces) and the year.

Glitter Family Ornaments

Family ornaments are a customer favorite, too! Choose between glitter Christmas tree ornaments that feature custom personalization for up to seven members of your family. Choose from the Personalized White Christmas Glitter Tree Ornaments or Personalized Green Christmas Tree Ornaments. A delightful Personalized Ornament Family Ornament is also a great choice, which allows you to personalize this piece from two family members to six family members.

Shop and Explore at Miles Kimball

These are just a few of our glitter Christmas ornaments available on our website. There are dozens of others that are just waiting to be explored in our inventory, so browse Ornament Land for your favorite glitter ornaments and decorate this year’s Christmas tree with extra pops of glitter — a Christmastime favorite.