Aids to Daily Living

Here at Miles Kimball, we’re dedicated to bringing you the daily living aids you need to stay able and independent. We’ve listened to our elderly and disabled customers and curated a collection of products that will help you take care of day-to-day necessities and enrich your life. That includes everything from medical devices and reach extenders to carrying carts and pill organizers.

Pill organizers make it easy to ensure you take your medication on the day and time it’s intended to be taken. You’ll find them here in all sorts of varieties, from clutch-style carriers with 14 days of storage to trays with color-coded compartments for each day of the week.

Dressing aids give you a helping hand for getting yourself ready in the morning. You’ll find products here like extra-long shoehorns that don’t require bending over, button hook zipper pulls with comfort grip handles and elastic shoe laces that turn ordinary shoes into slip-ons.

To help you get around with ease, we carry a variety of mobility aids, as well. Need to lug around groceries? Try out one of our wheeled personal shopping carts. Want a little help getting in and out of bed? Our bed safety rail will help you do just that.

When it comes to hygiene products, we have you covered. Our selection includes antimicrobial sponges with super-long handles for those hard-to-reach spots, soft, flexible eye drop guides for guiding eye drops without wasting them and denture reliner kits to firm up those irritating loose dentures.

Christmas Storage Options

p311876b_2xNow that all the fun and festivities are over, it’s time to store precious Christmas ornaments, leftover gift wrap, lights, and even the Christmas tree. At Miles Kimball, we have everything you need to protect family heirlooms and keep items neatly stored and ready for the next holiday. Choose from our extensive collection of Christmas storage solutions including heavy-duty, zip-up bags with carrying handles as well as the perfect storage chest for priceless ornaments. Whether it’s a sentimental ornament or a string of unruly lights, we have something to keep them organized and ready for storage at Miles Kimball.

Secure your keepsakes, décor, and more with our fantastic selection of bags, organizers, and storage boxes. Plus, we have versatile options to house a wide variety of items like lights and garland as well as specific storage solutions such as an ornament chest designed to organize and protect breakable ornaments.

Perhaps space is limited, or you are looking for something to help store and organize all your festive holiday items like a tall Christmas tree or are wishing to set up a gift wrap station with an organizer on wheels for easy transport, we have you covered with numerous options to choose from. No matter what you need to store, you’ll find the perfect space-saving solution to ensure you’re ready for the next season.

There’s something for every item to be stored securely at Miles Kimball, and with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect solution without breaking the bank. Check out the convenient search functions located on every page that help you narrow your options by type, budget, and more so you can easily choose the ideal storage solution to keep you organized and protect your valuables.

Goose Outfit Craze

p349511_2xEveryone’s getting in on the goose outfit craze this holiday season giving the perfect outfit to dress a ceramic goose in an outfit for every occasion, climate, and activity as a present to those on their shopping list. At Miles Kimball, we have something for everyone and every budget including a wide assortment of fun outfits to keep garden geese looking great in your garden.

Whether it’s a Christmas gift, something you are purchasing for yourself, or you are looking for a creative gift to give to family and friends throughout the year, these delightful outfits are sure to make everyone smile. At Miles Kimball, we’re your one-stop-shop for garden goose outfits.

From the ceramic goose itself to the clothes it wears, you’ll find something for every holiday including Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Why not dress your goose as Frankenstein or a pumpkin this Halloween or celebrate Thanksgiving with a boy or girl pilgrim outfit complete with a pilgrim hat or bonnet. Spreading cheer during the holidays is easy with a goose dressed up as Santa Claus or an elf, and you’ll find the perfect ensembles to do it at Miles Kimball.

At Miles Kimball, we carry a fun assortment of complete sets to celebrate warmer weather and bring your garden to life without breaking the bank. You’ll find everything from a lifeguard ensemble with sunglasses and a hat to a cheerful scarecrow outfit complete with a hat and straw.

Use the convenient search functions located on every page to narrow results by holiday, season, and more or browse our entire selection for new and fun outfit ideas to show your love for this adorable goose dressing sensation.

Nostalgic Candy – America’s Favorites

Nostalgic Candy

There’s something magical about candy. The colorful wrappers, the intoxicating smells and, of course, the burst of heavenly flavors can instantly transport you to your childhood, when things seemed simpler and the world was full of wonder. Take a sweet trip down memory lane with us as we highlight a few of the America’s most beloved classic treats.

Squirrel Nut Zippers

These super-chewy, vanilla-flavored candies with peanuts have been allowance killers since 1926, but what’s with the name? Well, the story involves a famous local concoction called the Nut Zipper, whose intoxicating content cause a man to take up residence in a tree one night. Once the police had talked him down, he blamed it all on the Nut Zipper. When the confection’s creator saw a newspaper about the incident, he knew he had the perfect name for his candy.

Goetze’s Caramel Creams Caramel Creams

Goetze’s started in 1895 as a bubble gum company, but once they introduced Caramel Creams in 1918, they knew they’d struck sweet gold. Goetze’s Caramel Creams boast a pure sugar cream center that’s enrobed in a soft, gooey caramel jacket — just like you remember!

Chick-o-Sticks Chick-O-Stick

Originally called Chicken Bones, Atkinson Candy thankfully renamed these delectable treats Chick-o-Sticks in 1955. What makes them so special? Three things — a layer toasted coconut on the outside, a slathering of peanut butter and a crispy honeycomb stick.

Sky Bar

Skybar’s destiny as one of America’s favorite candies was written in the clouds — literally. The Necco company introduced this nostalgic treat back in 1938 with an appropriately dramatic skywriting campaign, ushering in the first chocolate bar with four separate flavors: fudge, caramel, vanilla and peanut butter.

Top 10 Personalized Ornaments for 2017

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Whether it’s to trim the tree, decorate a mantel, or add a personalized touch to a present this holiday season Miles Kimball has the top 10 personalized ornaments for 2017 to decorate with warmth and holiday cheer.

Family ornaments personalized with each family member’s name are a big hit this holiday season. Show the family on your shopping list how much you care with a personalized family stocking ornament or a hot chocolate mug ornament with a cup for each family member.

Elegant memorial ornaments help pay tribute to those we lost and keep them in our fondest memories. We carry a full selection to choose from including Christmas in Heaven glass ornaments that celebrate the lives of lost loved ones.

Baby’s first Christmas ornaments come in many shapes and sizes all with space to capture details such as their birthday, birth weight, and more.

Sports-themed ornaments offer the perfect way to trim the tree of every avid sports fan. From soccer to football tree trimmers, there’s something for every sports enthusiast at Miles Kimball.

Personalized children’s ornaments feature vibrant colors and fun themes like a set of building blocks with plenty of space to include their name.

First Christmas together ornaments help celebrate the love you have for one another. From engagement announcements to wedding date ornaments, these options show how much you love that special someone in your life.

Don’t forget the fur babies of the family; we have plenty of options to include them on the Christmas tree this holiday season. From personalized birthstone pets to dog houses, there’s something for every budget at Miles Kimball for personalized pet ornaments.

Personalized ornaments to commemorate an outstanding achievement and guardian angel ornaments are also at the top of the list, and you’ll find those and much more available at Miles Kimball.

Personalized Kids Holiday Gifts

Personalized Kids Piggy Banks

Watch a smile appear on the faces of every child when they unwrap the personalized selection you purchased at Miles Kimball. Choose from our extensive collection of personalized kids holiday gifts including personalized dolls and building blocks as well as the perfect Christmas stocking to hang by the fire. Whether the child on your list is into sports or loves to create, we have something that’ll make every child jump with excitement at Miles Kimball.

Give your little ones an unforgettable experience with our fantastic selection of banks, toys, blankets, and stationary. Plus, we have unique personalized gifts that foster imagination and creative play like a personalized children’s wooden farm set or a children’s big top tent any child will love to explore.

Perhaps the children on your list are avid readers, or you are looking for something to help build spacial skills and hand-eye coordination with a gift like a personalized butterfly alphabet puzzle or pencil case set, we have that too. No matter what your child loves, you’ll find the perfect surprise for them to open on Christmas morning.