Fun Activities and Crafts to Try with Your Grandkids

Activities, Games and Arts and Crafts for Kids and Grandparents

Some of the fondest moments of a child’s life are the times spent with their grandparents. The activities done together can help shape their character and will provide a lifetime of great memories. Whether grandchildren are visiting for a night, a weekend, during spring break or even all summer long, Miles Kimball has some great ideas for arts and crafts for kids, as well as activities and games to play with grandkids that will create a strong bond. 

Get Their Hands Dirty

Working side-by-side in a garden as an activity with a grandchild not only forms a strong bond, but it also provides opportunities for teaching points. Getting hands-on in the garden engages all of the senses and offers dozens of opportunities to learn how things grow, how to nurture living things and about responsibility. Miles Kimball has some great gardening products that will help bring you and your grandchildren closer together — without complicated tools that may be intimidating for beginners. 

Our roll-out garden rolls are a no-fuss way to garden: just prepare sunny homes for them, roll them out and water. Like magic, the flowers will grow. We have several different kinds of seed mats on our site, including those that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and honeybees. Kids will love to not only watch these flowers sprout, they’ll also love to watch the critters that gather around the new flowers!

Games to Play with Grandkids

A game is always a fun activity! Whether it’s a fast-paced game that requires quick thinking or a slower game that requires a child to put on his or her thinking cap to employ keen strategy, they’ll always remember the time you spent with them. Card games are always classic and can be adjusted to the skill and age of the participants. Go Fish is a kid-friendly favorite game to play with grandchildren, as are Crazy 8s and Slapjack. Miles Kimball has some game accessories that will make an ordinary game of cards even more fun, such as our Automatic Card Shuffler that kids will love to operate themselves. 

Explore the Kitchen’s Bounty

Whipping up something yummy together in the kitchen is a great way to spend time together and to teach grandkids some practical life lessons. Explain the origins and history of the spices you use, such as cinnamon (amazingly, its origin dates to 2800 B.C.!). Discuss how nutrition matters and how their food choices can affect their health down the road. This can be done by creating a balanced meal together that offers something from each food group and by talking about how homemade treats are always better! Show how math can be used in everyday life when measuring or doubling ingredients with measuring spoons and measuring cups. Check out our other handy kitchen gadgets and tools that you can use in your cooking adventures with your grandkids!

Arts and Crafts for Kids and Grandparents

Don’t forget about good old-fashioned arts and crafts for kids. Arts and crafts allow kids to learn about colors, shapes and more, all while exercising their creativity. If your grandchild loves to draw and color, we have everything from scented crayons to pencils that can be personalized with his or her name. If your grandkids like crafting, our Potholder Loom and Loops set allows them to make their own colorful potholders. Get in on the fun with them and get creative together!


Although puzzles are a quieter activity that requires more concentration, they’re a fantastic way to bond with a grandchild. Does your grandchild love sports? Choose a puzzle that features his or her favorite NFL team. What about a favorite book? Miles Kimball has multiple book-themed two-sided puzzles, including favorites like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Frankenstein

Of course, just spending time at grandma and grandpa’s house can be a special activity with your grandchildren. It doesn’t take much to create those close bonds with grandkids, and because they grow up fast, enjoy them and hold them close at every opportunity!

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