12 Essential Cleaning Products for Easy Deep Cleaning     

Is Your Home in Need of a Deep Clean? Try These Cleaning Products!

Whether you do it in the spring, summer, winter or fall, giving your home a deep clean is one of those household chores that is worth the effort. Months of dirt, dust, cobwebs and assorted messiness can be cleaned up, creating a more sanitary environment for everyone who resides there. 

Deep Cleaning Around the Home

Since there are probably several areas around the house that could use a deep cleaning, it helps to create a cleaning plan before you start. During the planning stage, you can decide how to deep clean a couch, carpet, mattress or those hardwood floors. Once, you’ve decided what to clean, where to clean and when to do the cleaning, it’s time to assemble all the items you need to do the best cleaning job possible. 

General Cleaning Essentials

As you get ready for the big deep clean, take stock of what kind of cleaning supplies you have on hand, and whether you need to acquire or replace basic cleaning essentials. Do you have enough cleaning cloths? If not, these microfiber cleaning cloths are great for cleaning multiple surfaces, including counters, sinks and windows. If you dislike getting your hands dirty, wearing cleaning gloves helps keep your hands away from icky dirt and grime. Every home should have a set of reliable scrub brushes to take care of grimy surfaces that require more physical effort. And a quality spot remover can make it easier to remove stains from carpets, upholstery and other surfaces.

Make Sinks, Showers and Tubs Sanitary

All kinds of grime can gradually build up in sinks, showers and tubs, and a simple swipe with a cloth probably isn’t going to be enough to eliminate it. This is when you bring out the sort of cleaning tools that offer maximum cleaning power for these tough-to-clean areas. We’re talking about specially designed scrubbers that can tackle these surface areas, including tile, without damaging it. Also, you want tools that require less physical strain and bending. This bathroom brush has a long arm for reaching high and low areas with ease. Or you can opt for a cordless electric scrubbing system that includes several brush heads and a long arm. Either way, you’re able to get the deep cleaning results you want without expending too much effort.

Tools for Easy Floor Cleaning

It’s pretty common for homes to have two or three different types of flooring indoors that require regular cleaning. If you’re looking for better options than the standard floor-cleaning tools, you can certainly find them. Everyone knows how to sweep and mop a floor, but it’s how you do it that can be improved upon. Perhaps you’re ready to get rid of that old broom you’ve been using for years. There are three fantastic options for easier floor sweeping. The first is a long-handled broom and dustpan set. The second option is a cool electro-static broom, and the third is a manual carpet sweeper. Are you tired of carrying buckets of water around and dealing with dripping mops? Switch to using a microfiber spray mop with a built-in water tank and reusable cleaning heads.

Best Multipurpose Vacuums

Make vacuuming floors and upholstery a breeze with lightweight, easy-to-use stick vacuums like this featherweight model by Bissell and this Living Sure cordless Handy Stick.

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