Upgrade Your Old Bedding with These High-End Sheets

Upgrade Old Bedding with Microfiber Sheets, Satin Pillowcases and More

Everyone has their bedsheet preferences, whether that’s thread count, color, fabric or print. Do you prefer solids over prints? Microfiber over 100% cotton? Flannel over percale? Whatever bedsheets you prefer, one thing is for certain: there will come a time when you need to upgrade old bedding with some fresh new sheets. If this time has come for you, we can help! Here are some great ways to upgrade your old bedding with high-end sheets. Learn how your bed upgrade can also include a cozy sherpa throw blanket, a heated blanket and more high-quality bedding items from Miles Kimball.

Cozy Warmth

As the seasons change, so should your bedsheets. With the cold weather looming not too far in the future, now is a good time to change out your lightweight sheets for some cozy replacements that will keep that chill at bay. Super-soft flannel sheet sets have always been a favorite — there’s nothing like crawling into a warm bed after a long day and snuggling into the brushed cotton fabric. The special flannel fabric traps air and body heat, insulating you from the cold. If your flannel sheets have seen better days, a new set from Miles Kimball may be in order! 

We have multiple flannel sheet sizes and prints that are here just in time for the winter season, such as our Blue Snowflake Cotton Flannel Sheets Set. Want to add a bit of holiday fun to your bed this Christmas? Our Snowflake Flannel Sheet Set by Oakridge™ is a colorful and festive choice. Want something even cozier? Our polar fleece sheets are the ultimate in warmth and are available in both solids and a plaid print to complement your bedroom’s décor. 

Durable Microfiber Sheets

Within the past few years, microfiber sheets have exploded in popularity. Why? Microfiber sheets are not only comfortable and soft, they’re also highly affordable. They also have multiple benefits. For example, did you know that microfiber bedding can reduce allergies? This is because the weave is so tight, it doesn’t allow allergens to pass or collect. This highly durable fabric also has better stain-resistant properties because of that tight weave. Unlike cotton sheets that may shrink or wrinkle, microfiber sheets do not, making them a great choice for those with busy lifestyles who have little time to fuss with cleaning, laundering and ironing. Miles Kimball has a great selection of microfiber sheets in many different prints and sizes. One of the most unique microfiber sheet sets in our inventory is made by Bed Tite™. These sets feature an extra-deep fitted sheet that will accommodate just about any mattress depth. Choose between colorful Bed Tite solid sheets and multiple print options, including pretty florals like the Heritage print or the Lady Oxford print. 

Back to Basics

Sometimes the simplest sheets are the best! Sheets made of 100% cotton are a back-to-basics favorite — and for good reason. Cotton regulates your body temperature by absorbing moisture and allowing for better airflow. This makes them a great choice for every season. These durable bedsheets are also hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Our 300 TC 4-Piece Cotton Sheet Set is ideal for all ages and is available in multiple colors and sizes. Bonus: The fitted sheet is extra deep and fits mattresses up to 17 inches. 

Bedding Extras

Upgrading your bedding to our high-end sheets doesn’t have to start with a new sheet set. When purchasing a new set of sheets, this is also a good time to swap out an old comforter or blanket for something new. A high-quality automatic heated blanket is a must-have when it’s cold outside, and satin pillowcases can add a touch of luxury. A new comforter and pillow sham set can change the entire look of your room. Outside the bedroom, a sherpa throw blanket is always good to have while watching television, reading or sipping your morning coffee before the heat has warmed up your space. 

Whatever your bedding preferences are, Miles Kimball has what you need. Shop these and other top-quality and affordable products on our website!

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