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How to Declutter Your Home: 6 Helpful Tips

It’s been referred to as the “Epidemic of Clutter” by some experts — Americans just love to accumulate stuff. According to NBC News, the average home contains 300,000 items. Research conducted by the Huffington Post revealed that 84% of Americans believe that their homes aren’t organized enough. Studies have now shown that clutter puts a huge toll on our mental states, too. The impacts include difficulty focusing, procrastination, relationship problems, difficulty with impulse control and a lower quality of life. 

At Miles Kimball, we’re here to help you take control of the clutter in your life with six ways you can declutter your home. 

#1: Identify Your Decluttering Goals

“Clutter” is defined as anything you keep that doesn’t add value to your life. It’s helpful to identify your decluttering goals: Make a list of the “hot spots” that are on the top of your decluttering mission. Is it your office? A child’s room? Perhaps it is your closet. Determine in what order you want to begin and write it down — putting pen to paper makes it real. Focus on one room at a time and give it an attainable timeline, such as one room each weekend. 

#2: Keep, Get Rid Of, Put in Storage 

Decided on which room to begin with? Start by getting three boxes, then label them “keep,” “donate” and “put into storage.” In the “keep” box, gather things that are useful in your daily life and that you use on a regular basis. The donate box should contain items that, although they’re no longer useful to you, can be upcycled and donated to someone who could use them. Add items to the “storage” box that are seasonal. When you’ve finished sorting your items, it’s important to put items from the “donate” box in a bag and into your car immediately to get them out of the house.

#3: Update Your Pantry

The pantry can be a nightmare, especially when it is not organized and is cluttered. A pantry that’s out of control can lead to food waste and overbuying. Every three months, take out all your pantry’s items and wipe down the shelves. Check dates, tossing or prioritizing foods that are close to their expiration dates. Consider using baskets and an over-the-door storage rack to get organized. Designate a basket for breads and rice, beans, soups, staples and so forth. Check out the selection of bins and other storage and organization supply products at Miles Kimball for some smart products that will help you clear that clutter.

#4: Set a Timer

Sometimes getting a kickstart on your decluttering project is the toughest part about it. Known as the “15-minute win,” separating your decluttering into 15-minute increments can keep you focused. Set a timer for 15 minutes and focus on a specific area. If you want to continue the decluttering project, you can do so. If not, keep at it for shorter time periods — these little wins throughout the day tend to build up over time and can have a big impact on your everyday life. 

#5: Laundry Room Decluttering

Laundry, the seemingly never-ending chore, can be a headache. Random socks litter the floor, detergents build up and lint balls fly. Corral clutter with a tray that sits securely on top of your washer and dryer. This can be a great place to keep track of buttons, money, coins and other items found in the dryer. Are mismatched socks a problem? Invest in some magnetic hooks and attach the orphaned sock to it for at-a-glance identification. 

#6: Pair Decluttering with Something You Enjoy

Have a podcast you love? An audiobook you are interested in? Get a good speaker or pop in your earphones to listen. Engaging in something other than decluttering will help time go faster — and you may even learn something new.

Do you have any decluttering tips? Share them below in a comment!

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