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Our 2023 Tips for Saving Home Energy

As gas and electric costs skyrocket, you may be searching for ways to help cut down on your home’s energy usage. There are dozens of home energy-saving ideas that cost very little to help you keep your energy costs under control and help reduce your overall energy consumption. Read on to learn more!

Wash Full Loads of Dishes and Laundry

It’s sometimes tempting to wash a few dishes in the dishwasher or a pair of socks and that T-shirt you want to wear tomorrow in the laundry. However, many of these household appliances run most efficiently when they’re washing full loads. Additionally, the more frequently you’re using these items, the more energy you use. Running loads of dishes and clothing during off-peak times (before 4 p.m. and after 7 p.m.) is also a good idea to help boost your home’s energy efficiency in 2023. 

Watch Out for Energy “Vampires”

Did you know that appliances and electronics that are plugged into the wall when they’re not in use continue to “sip” energy? One energy-saving tip is to circle your home for an inventory of how many appliances and electronics are plugged in yet are not in use. A phone charger is one such culprit — a phone charger consumes .26 energy watts when no phone is connected. When a phone is fully charged and is still left connected, energy use jumps to 2.24 watts. Gaming systems are another energy vampire, as are small kitchen appliances, TVs, lamps and lighting fixtures. The Department of Energy has estimated that you can save 10% a month by simply unplugging these items. 

Use Energy-Saving Curtains 

Energy-saving curtains help regulate your heating and cooling costs both in summer and winter months. Whether they’re keeping those drafts under control in January or preventing the sun from causing your AC unit to kick into overdrive in August, lined curtains can help. Miles Kimball has several different energy-saving curtain styles from which to choose. Our customers love these curtains, and many have come back to purchase more for all the rooms in their homes. 

Use Weather Stripping and Draft Blockers

Doors and windows can be some of the leakiest areas in the home. Seal up those leaks with a few clever energy-saving home maintenance items from Miles Kimball. For that front or back door that lets too much cold air indoors, consider adding some easy-to-install weatherstripping. For extra protection, add a draft-blocking doorstop. We have several styles to choose from, including our popular Home Sweet Home tapestry-style door draft blocker

Make the Most Out of Your Heating and Cooling

If you’re trying to heat or cool your home but have a particularly inconvenient floor vent that opens up under a desk, bed, couch or bureau, our Furnace Vent Extender is a must-have. Stop wasting that heating and cooling and optimize your furnace and AC vents with this easy-to-install extender. It expands from 20” long to 36” long to help make the most out of your floor vents and to minimize heating and cooling waste.

Increasing your energy efficiency in 2023 doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle. With a few tiny changes, you’ll be well on your way to saving money and being kinder to the environment.

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