15 Top-Rated Garden Accessories at Miles Kimball

15 Top-Rated Garden Accessories at Miles Kimball

The snow has melted, and new life is beginning to appear on the ground and in trees. Spring’s arrival also means that it will be time to dust off those garden tools and gardening accessories that have been stored throughout the long winter. At Miles Kimball, we have a ton of fantastic garden accessories available in our online store, some of which you’ll only find on our website! Here are 15 of the top-rated garden accessories that our customers can’t live without.

#1: Folding Garden Seat

Getting down on your hands and knees to weed, plant flowers or dig can be uncomfortable. Not with our handy Folding Garden Seat! This fully adjustable, lightweight folding garden seat kneeler helps you tend to your beloved garden in comfort.

#2: Magnifying Rain Gauge

Knowing exactly how much rain has fallen is important to keep your garden in tip-top shape. However, traditional rain gauges can be difficult to read because of their tiny numbers and print. Our Magnifying Rain Gauge is just the ticket for a reliable, easy-to-read reference garden tool that will help you adjust your watering schedule based on the amount of rain received.

#3: Plant Gripper Clips

Have you ever used an old twist tie from a bread bag to support roses, vegetables, clematis or sweet peas? With our unique Plant Gripper Clips, you can support your climbing plants and vegetables without having to raid your pantry for haphazard solutions. They come in a set of 40, so you’ll have plenty of these creative garden accessories on-hand when needed!

#4: Gorilla Garden Hands

Get more yard refuse cleared with less effort with Gorilla Garden Hands. This set of two plastic oversized scoops allow you to pick up more sticks, grass clippings and leaves — without the use of heavy shovels.

#5: Mini Garden Trellis

Support your indoor or outdoor plants with our set of three Mini Garden Trellises. Their ability to snap together and stack vertically make them a versatile garden tool you’ll depend on over and over again.

#6: Flexible White Picket Fence Edging

With our Flexible White Picket Fence Edging, you can create a charming look anywhere — from flower gardens to tree rings. Each set comes with four garden décor “fences” that can be used to accent shrubs, lamp posts and more! Tip: This product is also available in an eight-piece fence edging set for larger projects.

#7: Decorative Bird Resin Downspout Cover

The benefits of our Decorative Resin Downspout Cover are twofold: you’ll direct rain water further away from your home while adding a charming garden décor accent to your outdoor space. This resin downspout cover is the perfect garden accessory for those who love birds.

#8: Home and Gutter Flusher

Don’t let your gutters be compromised with overflowing leaves, sticks and other debris! Our Home and Gutter Flusher garden tool is the best way to easily flush away that mess. It features a telescoping handle that reaches over 7’ and is bendable to accommodate any space.

#9: Extension Cord Safety Seal

For safer extension cord use in outdoor areas, our Extension Cord Safety Seal works great! It snaps securely shut over the point at which your extension cords connect and provides a weatherproof grip, sealing out rain and snow.

#10: Giant Garden Cleanup Bags

Forget those difficult-to-work-with lawn and garden bags. This set of two 48-gallon capacity Giant Garden Cleanup Bags stand up and remain open, so you can quickly and easily add refuse and other garden debris. Each 100% polypropylene garden bag has two sturdy drop handles, and folds flat for storage. Hint: These cleanup bags work great with Garden Gorilla Hands.

#11: Faucet Sock

For unexpected cold snaps, this set of two Faucet Socks is essential. These waterproof, insulating faucet covers fit over any standard fixture and secures with a hook-and-loop strap and help safeguard your outdoor plumbing during cold seasons.

#12: Electronic Bug Zapper

When warmer weather finally arrives, you’ll undoubtedly want to spend some quality time outdoors. Keep bugs at bay with this Electronic Bug Zapper that can kill several bugs at once. Take that, pesky mosquitos, gnats and flies!

#13: White Chippendale Planter

Highlight your beautiful blooms with our elegant White Chippendale Planter box. Made from lightweight, durable polypropylene plastic, this lattice-print planter is sure to be a highlight in your garden décor! Hint: It’s also available in Black and Terra Cotta.

#14: No-Bend Weed Grabber

Ah, weeds. They’re a constant source of consternation throughout the warm weather months. With our No-Bend Weed Grabber, however, you’ll be able to tackle those troubling tormentors with ease — no bending, crouching or digging required! Simply push the three-pronged head over the weed, twist and pull the weed out.

#15: Weeder Knife

Every homeowner needs a Weeder Knife in their garden tool collection. Gardeners “dig” this unique garden accessory to help them remove stubborn weeds along with their roots in one fell swoop. Its convenient size gets into tight places and has a comfortable, ergonomic grip that’s easy to use.

Shop the Best Outdoor Garden Accessories at Miles Kimball! At Miles Kimball, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best hard-working garden tools and innovative garden accessories available so you can enjoy your outdoor areas and keep them looking beautiful

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